A Spark Example Page A sample page

I created this SAMPLE page to show you what Spark is like and how you might present your images. Within this presentation are embedded the various text and image options that Spark currently offers.

This is Header 1

On a mobile device, it's best to view this in landscape orientation

This is a caption for an image

The above image is presented "inline". Clicking on the image will not enlarge it

"This is an example of what a QUOTE insertion looks like" - Sonny Portacio

You can put a link within text to send people to a web page, like this: Visit Pocket Lenses!

Here is one style of presenting an image called "fill screen"

Above, I've embedded a youtube video of a review that I recently did for a camera backpack.

This is the "window" style of image display

This is Header 2

This is an image displayed at "Full Width"
This is called a photo grid

You can click on images in a photo-grid to view each one larger

You can present the grid in a few different configurations

Spark gives you a lot of options on how to present your images

This thing is called a "Glideshow"

Relatively easy to create a page like this. You can put text here.

You can put images on these sliding things, but you can't click on them to view them larger

This is a caption on an image

You also have the ability to choose different themes with different fonts and styles

You can also include buttons like the one below to send people to a link

Sonny Portacio can be described as a creative who loves to explore, loves to learn and loves to teach. A born educator, Sonny has an M.A. in Educational Technology and taught at a California University for over 10 years. He and his wife produce the world famous PodCacher podcast which focuses on the game of Geocaching (ask him more about that).

A native San Diegan, Sonny has been capturing memorable images for over 30 years. From his early days developing prints in darkrooms to the mastery of digital tools, he’s always had a passion to bring out the best from every image.

A professional working photographer, Sonny is the owner of a local San Diego photography business that specializes in headshot, event, wedding, portrait and landscape photography. Sonny is also the owner of Pocket Lenses, a website devoted to teaching photography techniques and skills using lightweight, mirrorless camera gear.

Did you enjoy this? Come visit me at pocketlenses.com

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