Northwest 5M By Morgan, Cecelia, and Mack

States in this region are... Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming!!!!

This is a picture of a farm in Oregon!


The Pacific Ocean works to cool the air, particularly along the coast.

This is a picture of the Pacific Coast.

We have rainy weather in this region! Fog and a light drizzle is common on most days here!

Did you know that the Northwest region is the wettest part of the country?!
This is a picture of a geiser in Idaho! They can get up to 135° F it can burn you hand to a crisp. Can cause critical damage.
This is an awesome looking geiser! It shoots up a lot of water.
A mountain range runs through North-South through Washington and Oregon making climatic differences on western and eastern sides of the range!
Summer in the Northwest
The summer is cooler and drier than much of the country and the summer months are by far the sunniest of the Northwest Region. West of mountains year-round temperatures are mild. In Montana the average summer temperature is 83º F.
The low temperature is - 21° F and the high temperature is negative 8 in January!
Snowboarders and skiers are lucky because it is pretty cold and there is lots of snow on the mountains.
There are freezing and wet winters near the coast. It is freezing and dry on the inland. There is extreme cold and heavy snows in the mountain. In Montana the average winter temperature is below 0º F.
The average temperature in April in Montana is 60º F.
The average temperature in October in Montana is 60 to 65º F.
This is the weather on a 7 day period!
This is part of the weathers in the Northwest
Climatologists use temperature and precipitation records (from over 50 years) to define what a places "normal" climate is like.
Weather in Washington: There is constant rain and clouds from October to March. Temperatures are usally in the 40s and 50s, with lows dipping to the 30s. From late Spring to early fall, the clouds break and sunshine is typical. During this time of year, highs are in the 60s and 70s, but sometimes in the 80s in the peak of summer, and dropping to the 50s overnight.
Oregon has fog and drizzle.
Northern California has misty mountains.
Southern California has warm beaches.
A tyhpoon storm occured in the Northwest. It caused a lot of damage.


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