The story of my goals By:Alexis Vega

The Goals that I want to reach are simple and almost anyone could accomplish them.My goals are to have a successful future and a good life. Four one-year goals I have in mind are going to college, planning my future job, getting good grades, and going to more school activitys. I want to achieve these goals because it will help me in the future. Some three-year goals I have in mind are finding a small job, trying to plan the collage I'm going to, plan a big job Im going to have in the future, and plan whats going to come next in my life. The way I plan to reach these goals are to get myself prepared by planning my all the goals I have currently and try to complete one by one slowly.

I want to help others

I want to have a great job

I want to make changes

I want to be a different person

I will be the best I can be and I will achieve all my dream goals by trying and never giving up on life because life will always be filled with ups and downs...


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