Erasmus- youth@home.in.Europe Hitra, Norway September 23-29, 2018


We met at 9.30 at the airport. After the check in we flew to Stockholm. In Stockholm we met the people from Greece. But before we had coffee and tea and ate some tacos. Then at 5:30 pm we took the plane to Trondheim. In Trondheim we drove with the bus to Hitra, a very big island, where our host families were waiting and they drove us to their homes. By then it was very late and we went to bed. - Luisa


We got up at 6 am. And drove one hour later with the bus to school to meet our partners from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and France. We showed our presentations on our countries and I found out that we do really live in very different places.

Then we took the bus to Førya, the neighbor island, where our Norwegian partners have their other school. We drove through a tunnel to get there. The school is amazing, right next to the water with beautiful views. The school has about 300 students and no school bells. It was very peaceful.

After lunch we went to the schools own cinema and watched films from the different counties we had prepared on refugees. This was fantastic. After the films school was over and we went to a cafe for coffee. In the evening we went bowling. Already I can say that the Norwegians have a life very different from ours, it is so quiet here, no traffic, no stoplights and so much water -Luisa


The group met at 9:00 to go hiking. We walked one hour through the rain in an amazing landscape with different plants, lots of lakes and a waterfall up to “ Margret’s Minde”, a historical cabin, over 100 years old without electricity.

The norwegian school uses this cabin for their students, They come here in summer and are allowed to stay for a few days. Very cool:)

We spent some time in the cabin where we had tea and could eat the things we brought with us. Some of us explored the outside grounds before we walked back.

When we reached the busses we drove to a restaurant which was also a small museum showing the history of whale hunting. This was very interesting but I felt sorry for the whales and am happy that they are not hunted any more.

After lunch we were put into groups to work on our project “childhood memories “ We have to talk about our childhood, what was important to us and find out what is different and the same in our countries. And we will present our outcomes on Friday at school.

We then took the bus back to school and went home. Then we watched a movie (the Beauty and the Beast), afterwards we went climbing in a climbing hall. When we got back I was under the shower and then I happily went to sleep. - Luisa


We were in school at 8:00 and brainstormed on our ideas for the project.

At 9.30 we took the bus to one of the salmon farms located on the island. Even though it was windy and rainy we were able to go on speedboats to see the farm which was located in the water.

The building and the nets where the salmon is kept float on the water and can be moved to another place. Our guide explained to us how the fish are fed and we could watch them on the computer screens. Everything is automatic, it was very interesting. Many people here have jobs in the fishing industry. Then we had to leave and took the speedboats back to the harbour. The trip was windy, bumpy and we had wet faces, but we were very excited and I enjoyed this experience very much.

After all of us got dry and changed we went to a deer farm. Venison, as the mear is called, is the most eaten meat in Norway. We were able to feed the deer and look around the farm before we had lunch- deerburgers! However, they were quite delicious...

After lunch we drove back to Frøya and then we went to a café to drink some coffee. At 6 pm some students of our group met at my hosts house and they we played skip-bo. At 8 we went to the cinema and watched a movie. After the movie we went home and to bed. I was sooo tired 😴 - Luisa


Thursday started early in the morning, I woke up at 6:15 to arrive l at school on time. My host Frida practices driving so she drove her father and me to school (Guri Kunna). We were a bit early so we waited for the others.

While we were waiting she told me that the students in Norway normally only use laptops at school and that they don’t often need paper! I was so fascinated because Frida also writes all of her tests and exams on her laptop. This is really modern.

Finally every Erasmus student and teacher arrived so we took the bus to Titran. This little village is really at the end of the world, in the middle of nowhere.

It is a very beautiful area with a lighthouse. It looked amzing how the waves crashed against the cliffs.

.After visting this place we had lunch in a restaurant in Frøya. It was a large buffet with delicious different desserts!

Then we drove to the fish factory called SalMar. We took part in a guided tour of the factory and we saw how the salmon is transported from the ships to the factory, how the fish is killed, cleaned and prepared for transportation to other countries. SalMar delivers salmon to all of the IKEA stores worldwide. A lot of people work there and this factory is the third largest in the world.

In the afternoon we drove back to school, worked a bit on our topics and then had freetime. At home we talked and listened to music. When Fridas mum came she cooked us a delicious meal and in the evening I was able to take part in Fridas football practice! - Fiona


Friday was our last day of this week. We started at 9:00 o'clock with preparing the presentations vor the evening. My group prepared a video about our childhood.

It didn't take so long, so when we finished Frida and I went into a supermarket with other students

One of the Slovanian girls said that she would buy a whole box of big chocolate bars. I was thinking that she was joking but she wasn’t. So she bought so much chocolate for all her family members, I was so impressed.

At 14:45 we took the bus home.

We watched a bit TV, had some talks, listend to music and prepared our contribution for the evenings pot-luck dinner.

Then we drove with her family to school to enjoy the last evening in Norway. First we enjoyed the different dishes which the parents and students made. At last all erasmus students presented their work. At the end we said good bye to everybody and thanks for this wonderful week. I was really sad to leave because we had a lot of fun and all students stayed really close together. But I am also looking forward to my family. - Fiona


Today we were traveling back to Germany. At 9 o'clock we said goodbye to our host families. This was very sad, we will miss our new friends alot. Then we were driven to Trondheim and took the plane to Copenhagen with the Portugese group.In Copenhagen we went through the Airport and ate a delicious meal.

Then we took the onward flight to Düsseldorf. We were welcomed with a big welcome poster from my little sister. It was a long trip back but we had so a great time💕 and I will miss everyone. Thank you all for the wonderful week;) I hope that I will see you again. - Fiona

The End