MINECRAFT The guide to bEing A pro

Ok, so first, of course, download Minecraft. It may take a while if your a kid because it costs some money, unless your doing this on the Xbox.

Then, make a new world. If you are scared of monsters, or are kind of slow, put it on peaceful mode. If your not any of that, then put it on easy mode.

The first thing you should do is look for trees and punch down as many as you can. Once your about 2 minutes in, turn the wood into wood planks. Next, make a crafting table. You can do this by pressing the 3 dots, E, or Y. Next, put the crafting table down. Then, go on it. You can do this by tapping, LT, or clicking where the target is ( middle of your screen ).

Make some sticks. Then make a wooden pickaxe. Look for stone, and mine it. You will get cobblestone. Once 1 minute into mining, go back to your crafting table. Make a cobblestone pickaxe, cobblestone axe, and cobblestone sword.

Start making your house with leftover wood planks. Make it small. Then, mine your crafting table and put it inside. Then go out. Look for 3 sheep. You only need that many.

Once you've supposedly got the sheep, you might want want to go back mining for a little bit. Then go back to the house. Then, once again, to the crafting table. Make some furnaces. That way, you'll be able to cook the mutton you got from the sheep.

If you left enough room, you should be able to make a bed in your crafting table and sleep in it, because unless your super fast, it's night.

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