Examples of work from our current Year 2 Fashion students produced across their two year programme

Georgia Leech - Sports Utility Re-worked & Upcycled Jacket Assignment
Students created digital print ideas to the theme of 'Outer Space', a trend that's been seen on the catwalk for many seasons, the students then dropped their prints onto a series of flat designs to visualize what the prints would look like on garments
Molly Ashcroft - Sports Utility Re-worked & Upcycled Jacket Assignment
Fashion designers and illustrators need to be able to communicate their fashion ideas in clear, exciting and innovative ways. The aim of this assignment was to provide students with opportunities to research and explore some of the many techniques and methods of fashion illustration as a basis for their development as future fashion designers & illustrators.
Mikael Nzembani-Biaka - Sports Utility Re-worked & Upcycled Jacket Assignment
The Natural World is constantly used as a source of inspiration by designers & artists, the trend for butterfly & insect prints continues to evolve on the catwalk and the students developed their own ideas for dresses and shirts based on the theme, as well as incorporating the tie-dye trend within their finished garments.
Rheanne Snell & Chloe Southworth -- Sports Utility Re-worked & Upcycled Jacket Assignment
Designers have regularly used the 1960’s as a style reference, re-working the silhouettes to create retro-futuristic fashion statements. One of the key items of the 60’s was the ‘mini-skirt’ and this popular garment shape has continued to come through on the catwalk season after season ever since. For this assignment, students were given the opportunity to explore & develop their own creativity by designing their own skirt range inspired by their research.