Stock market Kanji

1,stock is just word, then the mean is just stock.then share is that is like unit of stock.

2,dividend is for example if we buy someone’s company’s stock, we can recieve some money from the company. Then the money is the dividend.

3, NYSE,NADAQ OMX,tokyo stock exchange,

4,ticker market is like code of stock like name of stock!

5,mutual fund it is job the job’s work is like they help us to do stock.because we do stock alone is so difficult so they help us.

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3

Company name




Ticker symbol for the company




A description of the product / service the company provides

Electronic devices, tellephone, TV things

French fries,barger,drinks,

Trade value on the 1st of September (price per share)



Range over the last 52-Weeks (52-Week Range)

755.95-1111.70 euros

67.83 - 157.45

Dividends per share (if applicable)



P/E Ratio


Lastly, describe why you decided to invest in this company. Be specific and give more than one reason.

I feel like after apples new release of the i phone 7 samsung will take over the technology market.

Also i like the company.

I like the food of mcdonald.


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