Florida!☀️ By Erika Julien


Walt Disney Wolrd is the second Disney Park to open. The first one is in California in Anaheim. The Park open in 1971. It is the most visited vacation in the world! Nearly 52 millions of people by year visit the park. Walt Disney is separate in four themes parks. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studio and Animal Kingdom.
The Everglades is a National Park. You can see alligator and more!
Legoland open in October 2011. It is located in Winter Haven. It is a water park who preserved a botanical park. There is more than 45 rides, shows and attractions.
Universal Studio is located in Orlando, Florida. The theme park open on June 7, 1990. In 2015, the park was the tenth most attended theme park worldwine.


Mojitos is popular because it is refreshing in hot weather! You can also put alcohol in it.
The American very like ice cream. It's refreshing and you can choose the faveur that you want!


The population is 21,002,678 person in Florida in 2017.


The rainy saison is from May to October. In winter, the climate is approximately 18*c to 25*c. In summer, it is approximately 21*c to 27*c.



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