Phantom Tollbooth by: katrina Gilmore

Chapter 1.

Milo is a person who doesn't know what to do with himself. He always wants to be in a different place than he is at that moment.

Chapter 2

I think that the author is trying to tell us that there isn't just our destinations that we see. You can be in a state of ignorance or you can be in a state of confusion for a long time. There is more than just what we see.

Chapter 3 Tock's story is about how his parents named his brother Tick instead of Tock. They thought that he would make a tock sound. Then they named Tock instead of Tick because they thought that their sons would be the same sound. Now they are forever the opposite of what they should be named.
Short Shift means that you make decisions without any type of reason. That is what Short Shift does in the Phantom Tollbooth. He says that people are guilty without any proof of them doing anything at all.
Faintly Macabre's name fits her. Her name means horrible. People treat her like a witch but, she is a which.
Rhyme and Reason's name fit them. Rhyme and Reason before they were banished from The City of Wisdom settled all controversies and kept the peace. Now in the city people don't value letters, numbers, or words. Without rhyme and reason in the real world we just have chaos.
The Castle in the Air is an expression that people use to describe a daydream or good dream that they had. It is almost a fantasy. That is what they Castle in the Air is it is a daydream that Milo wants to go too to save Rhyme and Reason.
The null were banished to a little piece of land. Null means that it doesn't have value or existence.
We meet Alec Bings in the Forest of Sight because he can see through things but can't see what is right in front of him.
The lesson that Milo learned is too stop and look at the world around you. You could also say the popular saying stop and smell the roses.
One time I jumped to conclusions was in a game and I thought I was going to go up to bat and hit a home run. That was not the case. My coach gave me the bunt sign. This made me disappointed because I wanted to hit. I bunted and I was safe, I beat it out but I was still mad.
My nightmare math problem is fractions. I understand fractions now but, it took me almost four months to finally get them down. I will forever very dislike fractions.
A lesson that I have learned from Phantom Tollbooth is to learn from my mistakes. I became a better softball player once I started trying something instead of trying to be perfect all the time and try not to make a mistake. We are going to make mistakes because nobody is perfect.
Sometimes silence is a good thing because if you have something to say to somebody and it isn't nice and in the moment you feel like you have to say it, you probably shouldn't. It could mess up your friendship and it can hurt their feelings.
There is a reason why I take lessons for softball. I take hitting lessons, agility, and fielding lessons. That is along with practice with my whole team. I go these lessons so I can get better, to help my team. I am always trying to up my game because, there is always something new for you to learn.
You have to always pay attention to what you are doing. If you do not pay attention something could go wrong. You could be doing homework and you get one wrong, or it could be as big as a car crash. You should always pay attention to what you are doing.
Procrastination is probably some of the reason why I don't get the best scores on some assignments. I don't feel like doing it at the moment and then I realize I never feel like doing it, and then I realize well now I really have to get this done and it isn't my best work.


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