Journey Log 8 triciajordan16-Warrior-creativity&flexibility


With the three upcoming projects due by the end of the semester I am trying to figure out ways to make them actually interesting to me. Each of them consist of a lot of different and detailed instructions, the next one different from the last. Obviously I can't completely get out of using Minecraft, therefore I am trying to find any way in which I can avoid it. This leads me to finding new and creative ways to go about these projects, making them work for me. On the other hand I also have to realize that there is no way for me to completely get out of using Minecraft, therefore I also have to be flexible and accept that I will eventually have to utilize it.

So far I have only begun the raid with the historical or influential structure. To me, coming into this project, it seemed like an absolute nightmare to have to attempt to do this in Minecraft even if it's not graded based on how well the structure is made. Because of this I decided to draw the structure which actually ended up being a good idea. I realized I was enjoying drawing the building while I watched Netflix. This knocked down one project that I wouldn't have to do in Minecraft and therefore only leaving two projects to figure out how to creatively avoid Minecraft as much as possible. However, even though this raid worked out, in the future I definitely see failure in continuing to avoid the parts I dislike. I know it's inevitable, which leads into the next section on flexibility.


Because I know my goals of avoiding things I dislike in the class will fail (it's honestly just unrealistic, not only in this class for these projects but for life in general), I have to find alternate options for not hating every second of these next few projects. I have learned that being miserable only results in procrastination and a bad attitude in life. Therefore I have to be more flexible in order to be proactive about these upcoming raids. I have to find some positive outlook and be more willing to accept certain aspects of the projects. This positive outlook could be the fact that we only have three more raids left, two if you count the one I already practically finished. Accepting certain aspects of the projects comes from being more flexible. Flexibility is a useful characteristic to have in life in that you learn to accept that not everything will go as we hope in life. Sometimes we are faced with things we don't like, or things we don't want to do, but ultimately we have to grit our teeth and bear through it. I am slowly becoming more flexible like this. I think this ultimately leads to more positivity, increased productivity, and also people will probably like you more because there is less complaining involved.

Ultimately creativity and flexibility are both quality characteristics to hold in life. Both habits of mind tend to lead to more productivity and less procrastination. Creativity is useful in order to find ways to go about making projects or other responsibilities more enjoyable. You can put a spin on the rules to adapt them more to your liking, therefore making you more likely to want to put in the effort to completing the project well. On the other hand, flexibility also increases our positive outlook on various tasks that need to be completed. If we make that decision to accept certain things that we may dislike, we won't find much need to complain about negative aspects of life. This in turn makes us less negative about responsibilities and adds to the concept that creativity and flexibility generally increase productivity.

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