The Ruins of Quirigua, Guatemala A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE

It is the birthplace of the Mayan culture, so in fact, its religous in the mayan ways of todays inhabitants.

in a world with no technology, existed a culture full of people. today those people are considered mathematicians, scientists and master builders. a world without clothing and a language only understood by its inhabitants, the mayan's come to picture. they built statues that symbolized gods and creatures beyond our belief. not a world like our own, but man vs man, man vs beast.why did a world like this live on? the men didn't, but their art of war now is written in stone...
its a world like our own, but not exact. it held many things, and statues remained. they are pieces of art left from the time before ours. not everyone agrees with giving your belongings away for free, right? the park without protection is like a house without protection, anyone ca just walk in and take what they want. thats the goal
why protect this whs site? whats the point of going to a place that's been vandalized and used to be valuable. a place that has statues considered to be worth alot, physically and emotionally. people enjoy watching sculptures like these, an things like these come once in a lifetime.nobody would like to lose anything important, its better to be safe than sorry.its better to protect it now than lose it. in other words, beautiful things wont last forever...
of course, you can walk towards quirigua, guatemala, but god knows when you'll get there. an airplane can get you there in a few hours, in car a few days. walking would take you roughly a month (nonstop). the best prices for plane tickets are

visit quirigua, guatemala and explore part of the mystical world of the mayan culture!

a postage stamp of guatemala

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