#Goals - Nataleigha English 2/ period 3

#goal 1 - Semester

By the end of this semester, I want to raise my overall grade average.

I will get this done by: doing my homework, and getting it turned in on time, and by asking for help if I do not understand something.

#goal 2 - English

For the English class, I will have at least a B average on all my tests and quizzes.

I will get this done by: studying for everything, and paying more attention in class.

#goal 3 - High School

By the end of my High School career, I will have participated in as many after school activities as I can.

I will get this done by: trying my hardest during tryouts, and keeping my grades high.

#goal 4 - After High School

After high school, I want to be in either the United States Marine Corps, or with the Army, working in the K-9 unit.

I will get this done by: making a good impression, and trying my very hardest to get where I want to be.

#goal 5 - Personal Growth

Hopefully, by the end of my high school career, I will have gained some confidence in myself, and take away some very useful and important life lessons.

"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it." - Charlie Chaplin
"What's normal? Normal is a setting on a washing machine. No one wants to be that." - Ashley Purdy; Black Veil Brides
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