The Byers' Garden High River Garden Tour 2021

First - A Bit of History

Although this home was built over a 110 years ago the Byers are only the 4th family to own it.

The home was built in 1907 for one of High River’s early mayors Charles Short. Charles was responsible for starting a tree planting program and planted many of the Cottonwoods and other trees in High River and of course our yard. We did remove the Cottonwoods in our yard after the largest one fell on the house and ripped of the original front veranda. His daughter, Lillian Knupp, who was well known journalist and historian in this area, spent much of her childhood in this home. She told us her mother planted the lilacs still in the yard, no longer bushes but large canopied trees.

The home was then sold to Geo. Young, also an early mayor and remained in the Young family for many years.

We have had their children and grandchildren drop in throughout the years we have lived here.

In the early 1980’s the home was bought and restored by the Lutheran minister and his wife, Stephen and Joanne Hall, who built many raised garden beds for vegetables and berries alike. There were also many perennials in the gardens surrounding the home. Monks Hood, bachelor buttons, peonies, and large oriental poppies to name a few.

We bought the home in l987 and over time as the raised garden beds deteriorated, some were replaced but others were turned into lawn, patio and a fire pit area. Over the years other perennials were added. After the 2013 flood the house and foundation sustained a lot of damage. In the end we ended up moving the house to build a new foundation, so the gardens surrounding the home were lost but I was able to salvage many of the plants and established new gardens when we moved back in 2016. With only a remnant of the original raised garden beds left most of the gardens are filled with perennials and change throughout the spring, summer and fall with different varieties blooming each in its own time. I still am thrilled when I see each plant return the following year.

Having now read the history, I wish I had thought to take some shots of the house itself but alas I was focused on the gardens and the nearest I came to a house shot was while visiting on the "new" front verandah during the garden tour.

and a wee bit of the back.

The Garden

A lovely collections of perennials and annuals with a mix of pots and sculptures that invite you to walk around and explore then sit in the shade and be at peace listening to the birds and gurgling water.

To enjoy these blossoms larger - simply click on one.

When visiting the garden - take the circle tour. There are areas of interest all around the property.

Pansies add so much to a garden, when the perennials are all done the lovely pansy will continue to bloom.

The delphinium happily grows alongside the crabapple tree, using it's branches as support and protection from the wind.

The Front

The Poppies

A lovely combination of colour
Pretty in pink
Is there a more gracious flower than a poppy?

This and That, Here and There

Thank you Mary for sharing your lovely yard with the visitors on the Garden Tour and for allowing me to photograph and share my experience with others.

"We might think we are nurturing our garden, but of course it's our garden that is really nurturing us." - Jenny Uglow

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and pull a weed for me!

Created By
Cathy Bennington


C. J. Bennington Fine Art Photography