The population of Belgium. By telma

I did my project about the population of Belgium over around 200 years . To find the population I used this website ( I used desmos to put the graph on and the put the best fit lines.

There is my data on my graph. I split my graph into three parts, because then it's easier for me to do the line of best fit, I used three different colors to split it. This is how my graph look like.

My graph on desmos.

After I started to do the three best fit line. My first best fit line is going from 0-35, my second best fit line is going from 40-75 and my third best line is going from 80-115. Then I did my fourth best fit line for the all data.

There is one of the bets fit line.
There is my fourth best fit line look like that with the three other lines.

I also did some calculation. I did five different calculation, I did three calculation for the slope and four calculation for the Y-intercept. So here are my calculation.

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