Breakout rooms... AAAaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To set a fictional scene for a village (which may or may not have existed) in the valley of Kielder, we had a look at some images from a book by David Almond called Dam, plus some photos from a film about the area taken in 1968. We wondered what life might be like living there. We used the Campbell family room our class reader to give us a few more ideas.
In the class, we looked at the image above to give us a possible sense of how families might feel after being asked to leave their homes. Children came up with lots of ideas why they might feel like that; family buried near by, memories of the place, home is where the heart is, jobs friends etc. The photograph itself is actually of a family from Glasgow but it certainly got us thinking.
A reminder of the task for those ‘working’ for the Water Resources Board’.
We split ourselves in two. Those at home working for the Water Resources Board tried to persuade the villagers ( otherwise known as those in the classroom!) to leave their homes following last week’s letter. We tried the breakout rooms on Teams to pair villagers with WRB employees! I’m not sure how successful we were in encouraging people to move out...
In maths, we are looking at dividing, 2D shapes and area.
Online and in school PE still seems to be working well. I’m not sure who is more tired at the end of the sessions on a Tuesday. Mr Brehenny or the children!
Now that we’ve finished our story writing, we tried some poetry based on water. Shape poems and haikus were tried!