Photo by: Skylar liST

For the first project we had to capture stopped motion, blurred motion, short depth of field, and long depth of field. The biggest aspect of this project was to be able to show that you know how to properly use the camera controlling the shutter, ISO, and aperture.

Personally my favorite picture for this project that I took would have to be the picture of the shoe. I like the shoe because it is a blurred motion picture of a very small motion and I like the detail.

for the second project, which was white balance, I focused on getting the new white balance correctly done for the first pictures. Than I altered the white balance to make the photos look a different way with a purpose.

my favorite picture of this project is the bridge photos. The bridge photos are very pleasing to my eye because of the lines and the way it makes you look at the picture. The altered white balance makes it look a little cooler.

For this project I focused on compositional rules. in the first picture the rule I used was contrast. I contrasted the big tree up close to the trees in the back that are much smaller looking. the second picture is an example of depth. the third picture is showing value. I made the phot black and white to really show off the value in the photo.

My personal favorite picture is the value photo because it looks really bold and I like the black and white photos.

these photos taken with the most important element, light. The lipstick and coke bottle are studio photos which I took in the studio. the other picture that is outside is ambient light.

I like the coke bottle picture the best because of the shadow and I really like the colors that it displays.

For this project it was all about value. We had to take a picture of something with a good range of value. We turned all of the photos black and white also.

my favorite picture out of these is the necklace photo. I like this photo because the value is very good between the whites and the blacks and the composition is very well also.

The next project was all about something. You pick something and take series of pictures with that topic. The topic I picked was bathroom themed. So I took pictures of bubbles, bath bombs, and soap. I called it Bath Time!!!

Even though some people may think that the bottom right corner picture of the water doesn't fit in I think it does. I think it fits in because its about the bathtub and the water.

This project was taken during spring break. it is called Cellphoneography. I used my cell phone to take all of these photos and used apps in the appstore to edit them. Some of the apps I used were musecam, befunky, colorpop, and artisto.

Portrait project

On this project I focused mostly on capturing true feelings and seeing something besides just a smile for the camera. On this first picture( top left corner) it was a picture of one of my friends laughing. I think it turned out very well and her face looks very clear and is in focus very well. In my second photo (middle photo on the left) I tried to display her love for outside and nature. I really like how you can see the petals blowing in the wind. In my third picture (top right) I displayed a posed photo of my brother infront of the setting sun. I like this picture a lot because it looks very natural. The background picture highlights the model very well. For my fourth photo(the bottom one) I displayed a girl laughing around and looking down. I personally like how it highlights her face.

Photojournalism project

In this project we had to pick something and take multiple shoots on this idea. I choose to do the cheerleading worlds and I took pictures while I was in Orlando for the event. My project came out fairly well I think.

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