The education of males why Is it more important than that of girls?

Throughout their lives, girls have been taught that the education of their counterpart is more important than that of themselves. Whether it be hearing the phrase, "Boys will be boys" or being sent home due to, "inappropriate clothing".

That first one, that phrase, it has always gotten to me. If a boy does something inappropriate or bad, more often than not they are met with that phrase. Why? Why is it that if a boy were to say, pants a girl or throw eggs at a neighbour's house then they are just being a boy; they are just following suit of the rest of their gender class? Whereas if a girl were to do those things, the resulting punishment would be so much different in most cases. Yes, I am generalizing, but hey, what is life but a bunch of generalizations of certain things and situations?

No girl who is listening in to that response to the boy's actions will understand, at a young age, or any age for that matter (heck, I am still very confused at the age of 22), why it is that a boy can do, seemingly, whatever he wants and simply just be being... a boy.

If say, a few boys go running through the house covered in dirt and mud after having been outside, how much do you want to bet that they will get a, "boys will be boys" sentence thrown around with little scolding?

And don't get me started on the education aspect. The hierarchy boys receive when its comes to their education is something else. OK, yes, I got me started on that one, but it is something I have come to feel very strongly about.

There have been so many instances in the not-so-distant past in which girls were actually sent back home after coming to learn due to the state of their dress. And no, I do not condone girls dressing down in ways that show off their assets or things like that, but when a spaghetti strapped tank top when it is hot out is vetoed because her shoulders are showing, that is a little extreme, don't you think? Or a bra strap. A bra strap! Seriously, girls are being told their bra straps cannot be visible. OK... so, don't wear one? No, you want us to wear one, but what if they are visible then? I'll be sent home? OK, cool.

They aren't sent home or told to, "cover up" because they may be cold or get a sunburn. No, they are being reprimanded because the amount of skin they are showing is apparently enough to interrupt the learning of the boys around them. Because, out in the real world, when playing on a playground, seeing a movie or in a restaurant a boy will never actually see the likes of a female shoulder. Heaven forbid. I mean, they might trip and fall on their faces at the sight.

Why condition males to believe that an uninterrupted education is more important for them than it is for their female classmates? Why instill the thought into them that anything they do is more important than that of a girl? How can we expect to achieve equality in the world if we continue this way?

Again, I am not saying, "Hey girls, go out and wear no clothes. Let's stick it to the man!" I am saying that when her knees or shoulders or, heaven forbid, a wee bit a cleavage is visible to the opposite sex, that should NOT be a reason to hinder her learning on the basis that his might be compromised. When did we go back to an age where skin is the essence of, "I'm a girl, I am the thing you will have sex with, feel those hormones rage my friend," I mean, really.

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