Cambodian children: the forgotten generation By jenner velasquez

What happened to all the Cambodian children after the genocide? They are looking in trash cities for food, clothes, anything to keep them alive.

Cambodia is a country located south of China. There was a genocide between 1975 and 1979. Millions of people lost their lives. After this genocide, the children of Cambodia still lived in really bad conditions and they did not have the oppotunity to have an education.

Cambodian children need education and a better life in the country because as of now, too many of them are forced to work, or enter a world of prostitution.

How did this happen? It's important to know the history of the genicide to make sense of the current situation these children face. The Cambodian Genocide refers to the attempt Khmer party leader “pol pot” to nationalize and centralize the farming society of Cambodia virtually overnight, in accordance with Chinese Communist agricultural model. In 1975, Khmer Rouge, a revolutionary group, marched into Phnom Penh, the capitol. These men forced the residents to march towards the countryside. The people in the camps were forced to work to develop an agricultural Communist Model, but people that could not work were killed. As a result, children, even today, are forced to work in child labor camps, or were forced to prostitute themselves. They are unable to better their lives, since Cambodia is still considered a poor country.

According to, an organization that helps children around the world, “It is estimated that more than 300,000 children are required to work to support the needs of their families” they are forced to work every day so they don't have time to go to school because the country is very poor and does not have resources.

In addition, “in these regions only around 16% of the population has access to potable water, because of this, numerous children die from diarrhoeal illness and hygiene remains equally problematic." These children are missing basic resources, it is important to provide clean water because they need it to survive.

Some people may think that these resources are more important that the education of children. Only about 45% of Cambodian kids finish elementary school. The figure is much lower for children who live in rural villages.. However, education is the most important right that should be available to these children because they need skills to improve their lives. Because millions of children did not have education, they don't have a future and they will not be able to improve their lives.

To help Cambodian children, we should donate money to programs that help children get an education. For example, the Cambodian children's fund helps children better their life's probitting education for children. Today there are more than 2,400 students working towards a better future in our award winning education program.

The Cambodian Children's Fund is a great organization that helps Cambodian children get an education. According to the organization's founder, "the program has a strong focus on developing English, Khmer, mathematics, science, the arts and digital literacy skills, developing the ability to think independently and critically evaluate information." This organization is necessary for the Cambodian children because education is the most important tool that children can have for a better future.

Education is the most important priority for these children because they need an education so they can leave the poor conditions they live in to have a better future and if they don't get an education they will never leave poverty.


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