Snowmobiles By: Tanner


Snowgoer names Arctic cat zr 6000 137 limited snowmobile of the year in 2016. I Agree with this i am actually looking to upgrade one of these from my 2009 polaris dragon. I was able to ride the 7000 model but that is with a four stroke motor and those are no fun the 6000 has a two stroke motor. I want to upgrade to this snowmobile because of the look and dependability. Come with a good track and fox shocks. Upgraded front bumper and most advanced dashboard


Lots of crashes every race (:

12/9/16: Snowmobiling is a very enjoyable fun thing to do with friends and family but it is also very dangerous with around 14,000 reported injuries. Snocross racing is even more dangerous and more of a thrill and that is why i want to do it even though my mom is not a fan.


12/12/16: Which brand makes the best race sled? I say the polaris 600r is the best over arctic cat and skidoo just because of looks and the quality of build and it is carburated not fuel injected.

12/13/16: Why you should wear fxr while riding. It is cool to look at very versatile and keeps you very warm the price tag hurts a bit but you look awesome in it. I will get to rock this if I win two or more races.

12/14/16: Why 509 is the best goggle brand. They fit great with any brand of helmet they have a built in anti-fog fan which works great and they have three styles to pick from.

12/15/16 Fly racing boot. Comfortable durable and warm. They look cool are light and not the most expensive with normal laces no twisty cap things that come lose that is why I ride these

12/16/16 I raced last night got 5th place and 4th place very cold the whole night i crashed in the first race bit my tongue and cut my chin open next race is in two thursdays.

12/19/16 we got snow on saturday then it got cold very cold have enough snow to finally trail ride but not for very long. Not even worth it yet though because I don't have my dragon back yet.

The dragon

12/20/16 studded track vs. non studded. I would stud any snowmobile I have I bought my race sled without studs and the first and only thing i've done is stud it. It just is nice for the race track and on the trails for traction and stopping power. So they are safer but you have to always look out for the track.

12/21/16 C an A skis over all other skis . "As soon as I got onto the groomer I was in disbelief...a mtn specific ski that can rail corners and has no push on the trail!?!? Huge thumbs up here. I come from a trail riding background and like to cruise an aggressive pace to get into the backcountry and right into the action, these just plain work." this is just one review on the skis and i feel the same way both of my snowmobiles each have a set they are pretty spendy but they are well worth it.

12/22/16 Two stroke vs. four stroke. First of all four stroke is junk and should not be made or sold in snowmobiles they last longer but are heavier than a elephant and slower then slow four strokes are good for cars though. Two strokes smell good and very fast and very light and they jump high (: two stroke for the win.

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