Tred Carpi (By valentini giada, gasperini giacomo, donati ariAnna, tinetto elisabetta,risi elisabetta,zuNarelli grEta)

On the 15th of February 2018 we went to the recycling plant Tred Carpi. During the first part of the morning experts explained us the different assignments that people who work there have, then they showed us how does the factory work. Subsequently we did an activity in pairs, in which we had to calculate the quantities of different recycled and not recycled elements, that were sent to landfills, incinerators or that were recycled. Finally we visited the recycling plant where the different parts of refrigerators and televisions are divided and sorted.

The room and the screens from which the employee controls and decides the speed of the conveyor belt. It transports fridges and televisions.

The different parts of a television and its cathode-ray tube.

First disassembly of a television with its different components

Trucks in which the televisions are contained before they undergo the recycling process

Trip to the recycling plant of Carpi


This educational experience was very constructive because it let us understand lots of things about recycling.

The first part of the lesson, in which two men gave us an explanation about what we were going to see, was very clear and easy to understand. Also the exercise we did in couples helped us to frame the working environment in a better way.

The visit to the recycling plant was very interesting, in particular seeing the different steps of the working process and how a recycling plant works in general.

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