Self-Designed 1

When doing these self-designed exhibits, I was trying to figure out something that I felt would help me out the best. I wanted to focus on something that I thought would make my whole day a lot better. So, for my first self-designed exhibit I decided that I would do it on something that you brought up in class. That was waking up 30 minutes earlier than I usually would. I started doing this on a week that I felt that was a pretty busy week for me. During this week I had two tests, many deadlines, and a few tutoring sessions that wasn’t mandatory, but I thought would be very helpful to me. I stuck to this plan to the finest detail every day that week because I was really interested in finding out what would change about that week from the rest of the weeks that was similar to this. When I first started doing this study I didn’t know what to do with the 30 minutes of extra time that I had on my hands. I would just go ahead and get out of bed and get ready as if it was time for me to go on to class. Afterwards I would just sit and either watch TV or listen to music. By doing this exhibit I found out that my week actually did end up being better. I would be more calm and I would even pay more attention in the classes that I had a hard time paying attention in due to it being a lecture. Overall, I felt that this self-designed exhibit was a success.

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