Chronic Back Pain Teaching project by Katy Rodriguez

1st Objective: Reduce Activity Limitation due to chronic back conditions

For someone living with chronic back pain, it may be difficult to keep up with activities that they once participated in. 30.7 out of every 1,000 adults in the US limited their activity due to back problems and pain. The goal is to get this number down to at least 27.6 adults out of every 1,000.

Objective 2: Increase self-management of high impact pain.

Medication regimens with help this greatly. If you are on medications that you can safely manage at home, and they control your pain, this will help with self-management.

There are also non-pharmacologic (not medication) measures to help back pain including heat as well as relaxation techniques.

Some relaxation techniques include diaphragmatic breathing which is when you use the muscles of your diaphragm to take deep breaths rather than using your chest muscles. The patient may also use guided imagery where they picture different things to try to create a distraction from the pain.

Objective 3: Decrease the effects of chronic pain on significant other or loved ones.

It's important to be able to talk about things such as pain with your support system but sometimes it's hard to understand how someones pain may effect others as well.

Being able to cope with the pain and talking to loved ones about ways they may be able to help or support the individual in pain may help.

Working with loved ones and support people as well as your medical team to help decrease your pain and help you have the best quality of life is important.

Take note of things that seem to help the pain and things that make the pain worst so you can adjust your lifestyle to help decrease pain.

Stay positive! You are doing great and continuing to be involved in sports and other activities is awesome. Continue taking your medication as prescribed and don't be afraid to talk to your physician if you feel you may need something changed.


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