I am pleading to promote education and schooling in rural areas where these privileges are exceedingly limited. Presented to you By Jad Attari

A broken building/school in Syria.

Uneducated people are at risk of joining terrorist groups. This is the next generation, and since Syria is being torn apart, the children are more at risk because they witness death everyday. It is a failed state and much conflict is happening there. ISIS and Bashar Al Assad has political power at the moment and their ideology is to keep it under what their interpretation of the ‘sharia law’ is. The young men think that this is their only choice (to join a terrorist group). The purpose of my campaign is to show these young men how much education matters and why everyone should help build schools in these areas. Also, i will show how much education matters and how it can lead you away from this.

What is the problem?

A Lebanese school that has taken Syrian refugees and had given them an education

There are not many schools that are built and still standing in Syria at the moment. There are 2.7 million Syrians that are not in school. Thats 2.7 million children who are enduring devastation, trauma and abuse. The government will not do anything about this situation, since they are having a conflict with the civilians. As soon as some join, they will urge and lure more to join. This means that if a friend of a person joins a terrorist group, he will be eager to make his friend join. Moreover, he could threaten him since he is now part of this group. Many people are scared of genocide against them, so they force themselves to enter groups such as ISIS. Young men at ages from 15 to 25 will most likely have the mindset. Our generation will be full of terrorists if this continues because these groups will always grow and grow, until someone is capable of stopping them. In addition, these young men who are not attending school have their own lives at risk, as they will be limited to a colossal amount of jobs in their future, that is, if they live to have one. Finally, i believe that putting them into school will help them reach their potential. Finally, this problem will have deleterious effects on our lifetime as the 'catalyst' of a child's well being will be destroyed.

My Solutions!

I have created an Instagram campaign for one of my solutions. I sincearly believe that it can cause awareness very quickly in virtue of social media being a very vastly growing area in all of our lives. This means that news like this can get around fast, causing more people to be aware. In addition, Instagram is capable of making people donate to the owner of the account. This is a very useful factor towards my campaign. The people who see these picture may be very touched and will want to make a difference.

Instagram campaign

Also, the people of Syria need to let the government know that this issue is vital to the lives of their children. Protests can raise awareness for this situation. Many of them can be notified about the importance of education through social media, radio, and television. Finally, social media is used round the clock, everyday, and these people see joining groups like ISIS as there only option because there is no education. People of these ages use social media a lot so they may come across this as they have easy access. Their lives are boring if there is no education, they are not occupied with any activity, so they see it is entertainment.


Some countries such as Lebanon volunteer to aid these refugees by taking them into their countries and giving them an education.

School improves the quality of our lives

In Conclusion, i trust that this is the best way to help these traumatized people, EDUCATION is the answer! Posters and papers cannot be shared digitally, but social media can. There is a limit to these papers, but the viewers of social media is unlimited. Conclusively, education is the corner stone or building block of our lives, and everyone must have the privellage of education. Donating and raising awareness is easy these days, as you can give as much as you want, while not even being there. This is my campaign and I thank you all for your time.

Young men in terrorist organizations

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