Hispanics fight for civil rights By: Keilani Battee,Monique Gonzalez,RichardOrtega

The civil right issue we will be talking about the Hispanic and Latino fight for equal rights

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Our video is significant because it tells you the struggles of the situation and how they fought for their rights.The civil right they are fighting for is desegregation and nondiscrimination.

In our "Before" photo we show Hispanics not being let into a building due to their race and a sign giving comparison to dogs. In our "Change" photo we show the Hispanics finally being let in to the building and the sign being gone. In our "Now" photo we show everyone in the same place being able to work together and have fun.

Civil liberties are basic rights or freedoms that are given to everyone.An example of a civil liberty would be freedom of speech. Civil liberties are a god given right because when humans are born they have a freedom to do what they want and choose what they want their future to be. This is actually stated in the bible just in more technical ways. Civil liberties being taken away would mean people having no rights to do anything and being controlled on how to live their lives.

The civil liberty that is being violated is the right to be free from discrimination because hispanics were not aloud to go into buildings,like schools and shopping centers, or even work because of their race. One legal case that is attached to hispanic segregation and discrimination would be Mendez vs Westminster.This was a court case that challenged Orange County schools. It was shown that mexican american students were put into separate “mexican schools” which was unlawful and unconstitutional. Mendez did win the case. This was the first ruling in the United States in favor of desegregation.We would fight for any civil liberty because we believe if the world wants equality each and every human being has to have the same rules and regulations.


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