Eragon by craig johnson

Eragon grew up in a small village in a world known as Alagaesia as a poor farm boy. He lived with his Uncle Garrow and his cousin Roron. Most of his time was occupied with chores on their farm. Although from time to time when they didn't have enough money, he would have to go into the nearby forest to hunt for food.

One day Eragon was tracking a deer through the forest when he happened upon a large, heavy stone. After losing the trail on the deer he returned to his town Carvahall where he tried to trade the stone for meat from the local butcher shop. The butcher, Sloan would not accept the stone after finding out it had come out of the forest.

Eragon was forced to return home with the stone without food for dinner. A few days after Eragon had found the stone he began to hear noises coming from it, and then he noticed it breaking..

World map of Alagaesia

Inside the stone, which had actually turned out to be an egg, was a baby dragon.

Eragon visited the town storyteller, Brom, who was known for telling stories about the time of dragons and dragon riders.

He later when on a journey with Brom across the country.

Brom taught him how to practice swordplay and ride Saphira, his dragon.

They continued on their journey but were met by soldiers of the oppressive king Galbatorix at every turn.

Eragon is my favorite book. It has everything you'd want from action to grief to love, death, friendship, war. It stretches you imagination to its limits but it, and its three other books of its series known as the inheritance cycle, are well worth the read.

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