Giuseppe Tartini maryana gergalo

Giuseppe Tartini was born on April 8, 1692 in St Anthony in Padua.

It appears Tartini's parents intended him to become a Franciscan friar and, in this way, he received basic musical training. He studied law at the University of Padua, where he became skilled at fencing.

Giuseppe Tartini was a very great Italian musician. He was actually a violinist. His music got a lot of attention and eventually he was appointed principal violinist at the Church of San Antonio in 1721. Later on he directed the orchestra. Then he went to Padua, where he founded a school of violin playing and composition. He made a concert tour in Italy in 1740.

Tartini’s playing was said to be remarkable for its combination of technical and poetic qualities, and his bowing became a model for later schools of violinists. He has made over 100 compositions

Sadly he died in February 26, 1770. Because of his great music Giuseppe Tartini now has two statues of him one in St Anthony in Padua and another one in Piran, Slovenia where he was born.

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