Jim henson September 24. 1936- May 16, 1990


September 24, 1936, Jim Maury Henson was born in Leland, Mississippi, a small town less than a dozen miles from the Mississippi River.

It wasn't until 1946 that young Henson convinces his parents to buy a TV to fulfill his imagination. Henson was obsessed with television. His words about television were "I loved the idea that what you saw was taking you someplace else at the same time," which was when Henson knew he wanted to work in Television.


Jim Henson graduates from Northwestern High School and enters the University of Maryland. He heard about the director of the Junior Morning Show looking for puppeteers for a children's skit, when he was offered, he jumped at the opportunity.

Henson doing his skit on the junior morning show
Pierre the French rat (puppet Henson used for his skit)

May 9, 1955 , Jim soon aired his own show called Sam and friends with a woman named Jane Nebel. Each episode was only 5 minutes long and aired twice daily on WRC TV. The show ended on December 5, 1961.

Fun facts: Kermit was introduced in this series but had not become a frog yet, Jane Nebel later became Jane Henson
Jane and Jim on the set of sam and friends

Shortly after Sam and Friends ends, Henson starts another series with Jerry juhl called Tales Of Tinkerdee. The show featured the fairytale kingdom of Tinkerdee and Kermit The Frog narrating in song, hideous rhymes, and awful puns; Jhul says the terrible puns and hideous rhymes were their best way for them to transition from scene to scene.

1964, Jim Henson continued the series about the fairytale kingdom of Tinkerdee with The Land Of Tinkerdee.


In 1970 Jim Henson produces The Great Santa Claus Switch that then airs December 20 on CBS


The Frog Prince airs on Disney Channel. This special was apart of the Tales of Muppetland series. Kermit

Jim Henson and Sweetums on the set of The Frog Prince

Kermit and Sir Robin The Brave (in frog form)

Princess Melora & Sir Robin The Brave (In human form)

Cover art for The Frog Prince


The Muppet Movie begins production

The Muppet Movie is the first of out of the series of the live-action musicals that star the muppets. Although the production of this film started in 1978, the movie didn't actually come out until May 22, 1979


Jim Henson Productions premieres The Dark Crystal movie

The Dark Crystal was an American–British fantasy adventure film directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. The movie revolves around a 'Gelfling' on a quest to restore the balance in his alien world by returning a broken but powerful gem.


The Muppets Take Manhatton

The Muppets Take Manhattan is third in the film series starring The Muppets. This movie was only directed by Frank Oz who even played the voices of Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, and animal in the film. The movie actually introduced the Muppet Babies, which were just toddler versions of each Muppet character that they used for flashback/ dream scenes in the film; the Muppet babies soon went on to having their Saturday morning cartoon.
The Muppet babies


The Labyrinth Movie Premieres

Labyrinth was a British/ American fantasy film directed by Henson and Produced By George Lucas. The movie is based around a teenage girl named Sarah who, just like any teenager, wishes someone would take her away from her awful parents. However, when she wishes that, a peculiar man (David Bowie) appears in her window and confesses that he has kidnapped her baby brother. He offers her a crystal that will reveal her dreams if she forgets about her brother. She declines and the man tells her that she has 13 hours to save her brother from his labyrinth or he will be gone forever . Sarah sets off for her quest to save her brother while facing many obstacles and strange encounters.


Henson comes out with a new TV series :The Storyteller. This live- action/ puppet series was created and produced exclusively by Henson himself.

Fun fact: Jim Henson's son, Brian Henson, was the puppeteer for the dog's character.


Jim Henson dies

On May 15, at 2 am, Henson became very short of breath and coughed up blood. He told Jane that he felt like he was dying. On May 16 he died at age 48 from toxic shock syndrome caused by infection with Streptococcus pyogenes, a germ that commonly causes strep throat.

Jim Henson's legend continues to live on through his family and his puppets.

Brian Henson on the set of Jim Henson's Creatirw Shop


Jim Henson is honored with a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame

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