Making a zoo

What is a zoo

Zoo, is short for zoological park and is a place in which animals are kept in captivity and usually confined to enclosures. A zoo can have many different purposes, one of the main purposes is for human entertainment but this is not all zoos are about zoos can also run breeding programs for endangered species or even help sick or injured animals. This can mean prevention of extinction

A zoos purpose is to not only entertain but to help animals, a zoo must be able to cater for all of the animals needs such as nutrition water stimulation and breeding programs. Zoos also play a major role in rescuing and breeding endangered species.



Question is an important step to creating this zoo. Questioning helps by giving specific things to focus on inovating and improving our zoo in many different ways

Question web

My group used many different techniques to question such as mind maps and swot analasys to identify the most important question related to the topic

Case study

Although i did not base my case study on one zoo in particular i looked at acceptable and non acceptabel zoo, in a broader spectrum.

Non nacceptable

A non acceptable zoo can be a zoo that neglects or mistreats an animal. This is can be caused by lack of knowledge for the needs of an animal or mistreating animals for profit or to "tame" an animal. This has many negative affects on animals such as causing deprssion and anxiety in animals. These zoos can also be unsafe and contribute to the declining population of some endangered species.

Acceptable zoo

An acceptable zoo is a zoo that cater for an animals every need whilst still simulating an animals natural habitat. Exceptional zoos toronga zoo in sydney are leaders in safety and technology to provide both an enjoyable experience for visitors and a high standard of living qualty for the animals. These zoos also have affective breeding programs for animal to ensure a safe future for endangered species

Venn diagram

SWOT analasys


Our zoo exhibit: our zoo desighn is a long glass tunnel streching through multiple animal enclosures and at one point goes underwater into the crocodile pond. This means that the viewer is fully emersed into the experince without the interference of large fences or cages, this would also make the animals feel more at ease with their enclosures.

Species: there will be 23 different species of animals in our zoo, shown above. We chose these species because they all play a role in the eco system in the african savannah and are the main animals that live in those areas

Habitat: the habitats of the animals mostly consist of large open grassy plains similiar to what would be found in the african savannah meaning that the animals have plenty of room to roam free making it feel alike.

Engineering: the glass tubing that runs through the habitats would be constructed from 3 inch thick glass and supported by beams every 20 metres. The fencing dividing the enclosures would be constructed 3 metres high and covered with vegitation to hide them from the aanimals and make it more like their natural habitat.

Desighn: our desighn will be constructed from 3d printed pieces and animals the grass could be constrcted with fake frass or felt. Facilities and things such as the vet may be constructed through cardboard.

Oir exhibit will include information at every enclosure about the animal and its behavioural characteristics. Entertainment will be provided through daily showa and educational talks about african animals.


Our group prototyped throgh educational tools such as little bits lego mindstorms and dash

We developed better programing skills by programing dash and lego mindstorms to do different actions and commands.

We integrated both lego and dash to create utilities for the dash


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