Ikaluk island Est. 1956


My country is a island in the northern part of the world near Alaska. We discovered this island when we left the US to find more land because the US was getting to populated. My island was discovered in 1956 and has been developing ever since.


My island is near Alaska in the northern part of the world. My country is also a island. There are many mountains, rivers, and lakes. My country is heavily forested and there is a small beach. My country is also on earth.


My country speaks English. We eat a lot of fish because we have many rivers and lakes that hold trout and we grow our own vegetables. We also hunt larger mammals on our island for food. We play soccer, fish, hunt, and mountain bike and snowboard in our mountains.


In my country we have a oligarchy because we have a small group of leaders that lead the citizens. We don’t have any allies because we are a new developing country. We have a small military and we have 2 nuclear weapons that we stole from North Korea. We do not have any enemies yet. In our country we have some police officers that enforce that people aren't doing bad things because the only law we have is don’t do something you think isn’t right. We have a quart that people get judged in and if they are guilty they go to jail.


We have gold coins to trade for supplies and food. The main jobs we have are trapping, hunting, and fishing. We trade a lot of fish for fruit and vegetables. We don’t grow any crops because it is too cold most of the year to grow things. (inland and at sea).


The most technology we have are phones, TV's, computers, and radios. For transportation we have planes, boats, ATV's, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles but, no cars because there are no roads big enough for them.

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