Tour of The Museum of Natural History Sparkstory by: holly busko

Butterfly exhibit. I really enjoyed the butterfly exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The exhibit was visually appealing and different from anything I had experienced before. While it was still a closed exhibit, it really made you feel as if you were in nature. I had never been around that many butterflies at once, and it was very interesting to be able to see them that close up. I probably will not have another chance to see so many different butterfly species so close up, so this truly was a unique experience.
I enjoyed walking through and exploring the different exhibits of the museum. I am not from Florida, so it was especially interesting for me to look at the different exhibits and learn about the history of a state I am not from. None of the exhibits were very similar to each other, so it made for an interesting journey through all of them. The other people in the museum seemed to be enjoying themselves, any nobody seemed to be bored in the museum. The adults and the kids alike were able to find enjoyment in its exhibits. The museum definitely reminded me to respect and admire nature, and it reminded me that nature's beauty is around me everywhere I go, even if I'm not paying attention.
Visiting the museum is something that people don't do very often. Museums can often give us a unique perspective on things, particularly museums that deal with nature because we are around nature every day even if we don't realize it. Learning about natural history in your area can help you realize how much nature you have around you each and every day. For me, visiting the museum made me eager to get back out into nature and do some outdoor exploring in the present.

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