Travel New Zealand The images of a traveling Textile Artist.

I'm traveling by invitation for a 21 day teaching and lecture tour through New Zealand.

Its been a wonderful experience and I always take time to capture the things I love.

My photos are taken with the view that I will possibly use them in my art at some future date.

The magic of feathers.

Hamilton Gardens.

In the 1960s, Hamilton Gardens was a bleak city rubbish dump covered in blackberries with seagulls circling above. Remnants of the Gardens’ earlier history as a pre-European Pa, British military post, Victorian rifle-range and dog-dosing station lay scattered across the site. Four acres had been part of the Hamilton East Town Belt and was passed over to Hamilton City Council for the purposes of a public garden; an opening ceremony for Hamilton Gardens was held on 24th July 1960. The site now extends over 54 hectares.

Plants glorious reflected in a pool.

This breathtaking sculpture adorns the entrance to the Gardens and features an earth blanket. ... entrance to the Gardens and features an earth blanket, a woven pebble cloak designed to protect and honour the wonder of Mother Earth. Sculptors: Chris Booth and Diggeress Te Kanawa (1920-2009) Materials: Hinuera Stone

Hamilton Lake

An easy trail situated in the heart of Hamilton City, the Hamilton Lake Domain Walkway is popular with both runners and walkers alike.

Covering 3.8km, the Hamilton Lake (also known as Lake Rotoroa) walkway includes varied natural lakeside vegetation, grassed parklands perfect for a picnic, a boardwalk section, playgrounds and a café. The walkway is mostly flat making it suitable for pushchairs and is also a popular dog walking spot.

Birdlife also flourish in the Hamilton Lake area with ducks, pukeko, geese and other birdlife all easily spotted around the lake.

Then an afternoon at Gordonton.


Large, sprawling and very interesting city With a very diverse cultural mix.

The flora and fauna is so different to home... it appears semi tropical and these trees had huge air roots.

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pam holland


Photography by Pam Holland

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