Fine Arts Education Day at The Pavilion 10.12.17

Almost 5800 students piled into The Pavilion as The Houston Symphony introduced the Fine Arts to a new generation of students.

Fine Arts Education Day brings students from all across Conroe ISD to The Pavilion and gives them a chance to experience The Arts, up close and personal. Our hope is that many of these students will be inspired to choose an Arts-related elective when they reach middle school.

The world-class musical talents of The Houston Symphony are paired with a dynamic and exciting show that not only entices students, but also helps them understand the story behind the music.

Just in case you wanted to know what 130 buses full of students looks like at The Pavilion!

Acclaimed conductor Robert Franz acted as a guide for these curious kids, leading them on a journey through the shapes of four beautiful pieces of music. It turns out 5800 kids learning to pronounce the word "staccato" in unison is really fun.

At The Pavilion, we believe in The Arts.

Our hope is that by introducing thousands of students to an outstanding performance, they might begin to believe in The Arts, too.

Want to know more about The Pavilion's Arts education programs?

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