Parking the car 200 word challenge

Watch the video then use the question prompts to write a 200 word response using Adobe Spark Page. Aim for about 50 words per question.

Section 1

How can you convince drivers to consider using public transport?

Section 2

Should all city and town centres be car free and why?

Section 3

Should every community have a pool of cars for people to share? What are the potential problems with this?

Section 4

If your town was car-free, what would you do with the space that used to be used for cars?

If you need a tutorial to help you get started with Spark Page, check out the video below.


Created with images by Carles Rabada - "Where is my car?" • Chilam Siu - "HONGKONGsomewhere" • David Marcu - "untitled image" • Robert Ruggiero - "Drone over parking lot"