Stonewall Jackson This spark is by Rachel voth

Had 3 siblings,was accidentally shot,may 10th 1863 passed away

Emeline J. Pigott

Went to prison for sneaking supplies, talked to prisoners about how she escaped, had 5 grandchildren

Jennie Hodgers

Dressed as a man to get a job, Name used Albert, didn't know how to write when she joined the army, after war stayed as a man to get well paying jobs

Abraham Lincoln

Freed slaves, born in log cabin, president of the United States

Dorothea Dix

She was a nurse, was a teacher

Matthew Brady

Civil war photographer, hew made sure war heros are remembered

Dorothea Dix

Nurse, teacher, helpful

Dorothea Dix

Had nothing to present

Abraham Lincoln

Born in Kentucky,1860 became president, 4 days after war he was killed


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