My Year In A Snapshot A few works by sahara fletcher in mcom 2400

Over the course of this semester, I was instructed to keep a blog about something I enjoy doing. Since I love to cook my blog was centered around recipes I hold dear to my heart and others I stumbled across on the Internet. For this assignment we were instructed to use Wordpress.

For this next project I was instructed to create a podcast.The purpose of this assignment was to get my audience to understand my need for finding healthy and affordable meals. For this assignment we ere required to use the Audacity program.

This next assignment was a photo story created using the iMovie program. This assignment required my partner and I to document an event happening on campus, and present the event in a fun and engaging way. My partner for this assignment was Erin Walker.

The next assignment was to create a template for a magazine spread. This assignment instructed my class to alter a pre-set template using our own creative devices. This assignment required me to use Indesign, an Adobe program.

For the final assignment, my class was instructed to work in groups to create a mini video series. The video series could be about anything we wanted, but we had to be creative. For this assignment my partner was Lauren King. We were instructed to edit our videos using the Adobe program 'Premier'. Our video series was a cooking show where we had a breakfast and a dinner episode.

This semester has been one of new experiences and stressful nights. I was challenged in using programs that I have never seen before. The Adobe programs were a thorn in my side the entire semester, but as the semester progressed I became more comfortable using some of their programs. I can now find my way around Indesign and Muse; but I think I will continue to stay far away from Photoshop and Premier. I was very comfortable using iMovie and Audacity so those assignments were a breeze! All in all I really enjoyed this semester. I have gained new skills that will greatly help me in the workplace and as I continue further in my academic career.


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