Mr. Darcy & Miss Bennett By: Emily Mercer

Winston Churchill once stated, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” Repeated successes and failures are what created my Battle Bot, Mr. Darcy. The persistent striving towards a more astute and deadly Battle Bot is what brought a mere idea to life.

I created the nocuous Mr. Darcy not only to provide entertainment for the masses, but to improve my own understanding and skill in the world of engineering. Other than this, the purpose of creating our Battlebots and keeping a journal on them was a bit more complex. This project often incorporated writing, so we were expected to improve things such as writing stamina and comma use. The main focus, however, was applying the design cycle to the creation of our Battle Bots. Mr. Darcy is the most proficient bot in the class because he’s unique, cleverly designed, and undoubtedly lethal.

Stephanie and Greg introduce the anatomies of D&B

The calamitous Mr. Darcy is undeniably unique. “I’ve never seen a bot like yours,” reveals Haylee M. Puhrmann, creator of Cupcake HQ. “It was really creative.” Mr. Darcy was the only bot in the classroom with detailed painting, not to mention the calligraphic name that was hand printed on his top. Plus, no other Battle Bots in the classroom possessed the second detachable bot that is otherwise known as Miss Bennett.

Kyung Hee Kim at the college of William and Mary discovered, after surveying nearly 300,000 individuals, that creativity among children is progressively decreasing. I’m hoping that Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett will be distinctive enough to instill new ideas in this generation’s youth, triggering innovation in the young minds of children. It isn’t hard to tell that Mr. Darcy is the most unique bot in the class.

Mr. Darcy & Miss Bennett

Mr. Darcy is easily discernable from other Battlebots due to his clever design. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or the NHTSA, vehicle rollover crashes account for 30% of passenger fatalities. Though my bots do not hold passengers, I realized that flipping onto their backs would be the end of the line for my bots. After repeatedly applying the design cycle to produce a solution, I finally fashioned my bots with tires that protrude out of both the top and the bottom. This way, should either of the bots be flipped over, they still are mobile. Another idea I formulated was placing all four tires in the middle of the bot, effectively preventing the tires from being popped. Mr. Darcy’s chances of victory are considerably increased by his clever design.

Lastly, Mr. Darcy is immensely lethal. Mr. Darcy is equipped with several razor sharp blades curving in various directions. These are utilized for both offensive and defensive actions. “Oh my glob, he (Mr. Darcy) cut me,” shrieks Olivia Reis, creator of Cheese Dumpster Trash. “I’m dying, help meeeeee…”

Miss Bennett, however, wields the most powerful weapon of all. You see, she uses two attached hooks to grapple underneath enemy bots, quickly spurting fire out of a titanium tube into the enemy’s gears. Seeing as titanium is one of the strongest metals in existence, most weapons are made of it for protection. Miss Bennett also has a saw blade on her backside and three small spikes on either side of her. My Battle Bots, you will find, are immensely lethal.

D&B vs. The Yellow Ranger

Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett are remarkably competent due to their uniqueness, clever design, and lethal aura. My Battle Bots exceed expectations in uniqueness and individuality. Their clever designs truly make my bots a force to be reckoned with. Both Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennett are infamously lethal. So, now that you’ve learned all about them, you must understand the full extent of my bots’ extraordinary possibilities.

Just don’t get on their bad side.

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