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This is one of the first projects I've done in this class. In photoshop I used the quick selection tool and the elliptical tool to select the courthouse. I made the courthouse match the fireworks so it would look more realistic.

Haunted House

This is one of the first projects I've had fun doing n this class. I used different tools to help create the illusion of a haunted house. The use of fog and the rain helped give the house a creepier feeling. I used bright background to contrast the darkness of the house.

Sea Turtle

This is my sea turtle painting I made when we experimented with paint effects. I used a tight long brush to get a realistic brush stroke effect. Overall, this technique helped make this look like a real painting rather than something made on photoshop.


For my surrealism art I decided to do a contrast between light and dark. I put friendlier sea creatures on the light side. I added a shark and a killer whale on the gloomy and rainy side to show the darkness of that side. My favorite part of this project was using an image of my cousins turtle and incorporating it inside the ocean.

Curious George

This is one of my favorite art pieces I've made because I got to make a cartoon character which I used to watch on tv. I used adobe illustrator to make Curious George. This project was time consuming because the pen tool had to be carefully used to make Curious George look good. The most difficult thing for me was his face but overall I'm proud on how he came out.

Justin Bieber

This is my favorite art piece because I made it during my free time. I used paint effects on photoshop to make a picture of Justin Bieber to a painting of him. I like my art to express not only that I know how to use photoshop but to show my interests too.


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