12 SEO reasons which affects your rankings and how to overcome www.5ines.com

Your Web page was in top searches and you were receiving lots of e-mails, phone calls, sales and many more.

Now Web page has lost its ranking! You are dried up with sales?

You are thinking how to get back the ranking. Below are the 12 SEO reasons which affect your web rankings.

Losing Quality Backlink’s

Quality backlinks comes from related authorized domains in your function. Websites linking to your site has a high Domain Authority and has similar content; your backlink will be good for SEO.

A bad backlink comes from unrelated and untrusted sources. Sites that have been penalized and those that are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines can have a negative impact on your SEO.

Sudden Surge in new links

Link building is an inevitable part of SEO strategy but only quality backlinks matters a lot. When too many fresh links point towards domain there might be sudden change in the rankings. This issue occur due to unnatural links. It’s good to have a timely backlink check with the help of tools.

Algorithm or Manual Penalties

As you may know Google ranks your website based on 200 unique factors, wherein each factor is associated with set of rules and regulations. Too much optimization also can cause risks and result in huge ranking drop. There are two major types of penalty which you might know:

1. Manual Penalty

It appears as a big warning in your Google Webmaster tools and there will be an explanation why its caused and solution to come out of the penalized state.

2. Algorithm Penalty

This would emerge from the shadows, slash your website rankings and would disappear before you notice.

Google Updates

Google has a long history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshes.

Below are some of the most important updates released by Google.

Google Hummingbird

Google Mobile Friendly Update

Google Panda Update

Google Penguin Update

Google Pigeon Update

Google Payday Update

Google Pirate Update

Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update

Google Top Heavy Update

You are not Sticking to the Current Trend

Trend is the general direction the market which follows during a specified period of time. Tens can be both upward and downward. Adapting to the trends wins the game in online marketing. You must have a researching team wherein they will conduct an in-depth research and they will end up with a customer centric approach.

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