who am i? carson munro

i got a more energetic personality you dont usually see me in a bad mood just usually lazy. i like to wear alot of designer stuff like gucci and ferragamo and i love to listen to rap. some things that interest me is football i love to play and watch it and i love to talk about kylie jenner i think shes the baddest chick out there i dont care what anyone got to say about her. and i like to occupy most of my time by playing video games.

i think lowkey my parents see me as a disappointment i know they may say otherwise but i can see it in her eyes every time i mess up. in general i think people think of me as a spoiled little white boy but half the people that talk about me dont even know me. and my friends i think they think of me as a jokester cause i always got something funny or dumb to say. and the society called me a menace.

when im around adminstration and adults i try and be as respectful as i can, but if i aint given any respect then i wont either. as for friends i joke around i can say some hurtful stuff but im only kidding with them i just cut loose and have some fun. as for my parents i can respect them and disrespect them at the same time. if my mom or dad are talking to me laughing with me ill go along with it but if im yelled at or disrespected ill yell and be disrespectful too.

i want to become a lawyer because i got two alumnis my great granpa and great uncle. i want to go to notre dame to study pre law for four years. once im done there i want to come back to san antonio to study another four to get my masters. i want to have a beautiful wife and have two kids a boy and girl so i can spoil but discipline when i get home.

honestly im not a good influence on my role as a older brother. i got alittle sister that looks up to me but i continue to make bad choices around and in front of her. as a friend im more of a understanding person, they come to me with something whether its them being mad or sad im always positive and there. and as a student im seen more as a off task but very capable student im very lazy but when i want to get my work done ill do it .

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