Cabra Matters Term 3 Week 9 2020

Principal's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,

As we near the end of an unusual Term 3, now is a good time to reflect upon what we have experienced as a school and wider community. The impact of the COVID virus has affected all of us. The move to full time online learning in Term 2 was a dramatic change to the way we learn. In true Cabramatta spirit and determination, we adjusted to this temporary situation very quickly and effectively. Our staff were able to provide learning through Seesaw and Google Drive which we had in place prior to home learning. We provided hard copies of work for students who did not have regular access to the internet and for those who required more work. On reflection, I believe that our response to learning from home was outstanding with many families engaging in the activities provided by the staff.

Not only have families been required to learn online, so too, have the staff, with all of us participating in Zoom and video meetings and learning. While the use of technology has expanded greatly at this time, there is nothing better than face-to-face teaching which we were reminded of when the students returned to learning at school earlier in the term. It was great to see all of those eager, smiling faces arrive to reconnect with their friends and staff. We haven’t looked back since that time. While this experience might be considered negative, I feel that it has created a greater sense of appreciation for schools and the wonderful programs which take place in them. It demonstrated that the great majority of us need the daily interaction with people to help us live and learn. After all, we are social animals and need the support of other people.

While we are nearly back to normal for schooling, we still have restrictions for access to the school and hygiene. These will continue until we are advised by the government. Very sadly, these restrictions forced us to cancel a number of events, the most important of which were Community Day and The Production. We are very disappointed that these special events weren’t able to be staged, particularly for our Year 6 students. We are planning a Year 6 Graduation and Farewell and will let these families know about the arrangements once they are finalised. The Stage 3 Camp in Week 1, next term, will continue unless something dramatic happens to force a cancellation.

Throughout all of this “drama”, we, as a community of people, have supported each magnificently. I would like to thank every member of our school community for their understanding and respect for the arrangements which have been made to minimise the spread of COVID. I know that many of us have been tested and, fortunately, we are okay. I have greatly appreciated your hard work, resilience and good humour as we met this huge challenge.

I wish all families and staff a restful and relaxing holiday break which begins this Monday September 28 with Term 4 beginning on Monday October 12. My sincere thanks for your support of the school.


To help us ease into holiday mode, all students are invited to wear mufti this Friday, our last day of Term 3. There is not any money involved, just a day for all of us to unwind prepare for a holiday. Every student will receive an ice block to celebrate the end of term.

Kindest regards,

Glen Stelzer.

Cabra Keys

Principal's Golden Key Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who received a Principal's Golden Key Award.

  • Cindy Thu 5/6J
  • Victoria 5/6V
  • Kevin 5/6V
  • Sala 5/6V
  • Kathy 5/6N
  • Lily 1T
  • Rachel 1T
  • Amy 5/6V
  • Kaden 5/6Q
  • An Nhien 2S
  • Lisi 5/6J
  • Kristy KT
  • Isabell 5/6J
  • Linda 5/6N
  • Jenny 2S
  • Natalie 2S
  • Narita 5/6E
  • Benny 5/6L
  • Crystal 5/6L
  • Jayden 4G
  • Kaminieli 4G
  • Vinh 4G
  • Emanuel 3S
  • Koben 3S
  • Sunny 1J
  • Madelynn 4G
  • Brian 5/6V
  • Natasha 5/6E
  • William 5/6J
  • Veha 2S
  • Jerry 2S
  • Jessica 5/6J
  • John 5/6J
  • Christina 5/6J
  • Jayden KH
  • Dlaan
  • Analisa 2J
  • He Na 2J
  • Jaclyn 2J

Gold Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who received a Gold Award.

  • Isaac 2J
  • Jason 2J
  • Henry 2J
  • Elizer 5/6V
  • Emma 5/6L
  • Henry 5/6L
  • Matthew 5/6L
  • Pavan 5/6L
  • Sunny 5/6J
  • Veha 2S
  • Julie 5/6N
  • Lena 5/6Q
  • Jonathan 5/6Q
  • Tri 5/6Q
  • Denise 5/6J
  • Nicholas 5/6J
  • Sharice 5/6E
  • Minh Duy 5/6E
  • Zehra 5/6E
  • Pimmy 5/6E
  • Sharina 5/6E
  • Nadine KT
  • Han Ngoc 1M
  • Ben 5/6E
  • Evie 1T
  • Milan 5/6N
  • Ayhan 5/6Q
  • Melly 5/6Q
  • Kimmy 2KT
  • Tristan KT
  • Lorraine KT
  • Ashley 4G
  • Tracy KFW
  • Joanne KFW
  • Vincent 3D
  • Tyson 2KT
  • Sophia 1J
  • Naruedon 4G
  • William 4G
  • LiHui 4G
  • Yen 4W
  • Alvin 1T
  • Vivaan 1T
  • Henna 2S
  • Tinomai 2S
  • Brendan KH
  • Caydan KH
  • Elsa KH
  • Novis KH
  • Phuoc 5/6N
  • Elvin 5/6N
  • Edward 5/6J
  • Alisha 2J
  • Jaebia 2J
  • Maverick 2J

Silver Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students who received a Silver Award.

  • Christina 5/6L
  • Tharvika 5/6L
  • Sophaktra 5/6L
  • Cindy 5/6G
  • Tia 5/6V
  • Ajman 5/6V
  • Teresa 1T
  • Saphira 5/6N
  • Jayden K-6 Magic
  • Isabella K-6 Magic
  • Hannah K-6 Magic
  • Destiny 1M
  • Alina 1M
  • Chantla 2S
  • Brandon 5/6N
  • Sreypich 5/6Q
  • Randy 5/6Q
  • Ayden 2KT
  • Matai 5/6L
  • Onyx 5/6L
  • Joseph 4G
  • Selena 4G
  • Kiera 3S
  • Mikhail 3D
  • Jackson 3D
  • Tanoa 3NC
  • Rianne 5/6N
  • Alisa 3S
  • Benjamin KH
  • Cameron KH
  • Kevin KH
  • David 5/6N
  • Amara 5/6J

Congratulations to our award recipients from the past two weeks.

Crazy Sock Day

A big congratulations to Cabramatta Public School on raising $445 on Crazy Sock Day. This money will now be given to the Children’s Ward at Liverpool Hospital where they can buy educational resources for the ill children.

For every $100 raised, teachers including Mr Webster, Miss Vazquez, Mrs Effendi, Mr McLeod, Mr Sollorz, Miss Lam and Mrs Qarr, will run one lap around the athletics race track next Tuesday. We can’t wait to cheer them on! It will be recorded and posted on Seesaw and YouTube for K-2 to view.

We look forward to doing this again next year!


Father's Day

We hope that all of the dads enjoyed their origami ‘pyjamas’ that we created for their Father’s Day cards.

From 5/6N

What's Happening at CPS

Athletics Carnival 2020

Students from K-6 are exploring stop motion in Film Specialist lessons with Mr Sollorz. Here is a sample of their work.

Drum roll please...here are all the short films that will screen at SF3 2020!

SF3 Kids 2020 features the best smartphone films made by filmmakers 16 years and under. See and be amazed what the next generation of filmmakers can do!

CPS film used videos from students in class 5-6E. 4Z, 3S, 3NC, 3-6R & 2J. Congratulations to all the students involved.

1. Once Upon A Time on Earth by Kara Rose & Ella Humphreys

2. A Thousand Years Apart by Eleanor List

3. Swimming in Light by Eli Berliner

4. Frederick by Theo Walsh & Finn Jennings

5. Bush Vampire by Olivia Blakemore

6. The Last Choc by Amin Yekta

7. Homeschooling by Cabramatta Primary School student

8. Dance Battle by Felix Williams

9. Mirror Mirror by Kelly Mulligan, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

10. Paw Paw Diary by Sebastian Woods

11. Angst by Amelie Kordina-Baker

12. The Race by Tristram Apelt

13. Parkhill by Gregory Whittenbury

14. The Kidnappers Ransom by George Lynch

15. Alive? by Sonya Clarke

Below are the links to screenings and ticket sales:

Family Fun with CPS

After running and cycling at Chipping Norton Park, four families from CPS headed to Grand Flaneur Beach for some SUP (stand up paddleboard fun). A perfect Thursday afternoon, although it did become quite windy. Ms Ng organised this wonderful experience and Mr Hunt and Mr McLeod went along too. Lots of fun and laughter was had by all.

Translating to another Language

Below are instructions on how to switch translation on in Seesaw, on Safari and Google, so you can read the newsletter and other correspondence from the school in your own language.

Online Enrolment

What's happening?
  • Tuesday 22nd September - Athletics Carnival 3-6
  • Tuesday 22nd September - Fun Day K-2
  • Friday 25th September - Mufti Day
  • Friday 25th September - Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 12th September - First Day of Term 4
  • Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th October - Stage 3 Great Aussie Bush Camp
  • Thursday 22nd - Friday 23rd October - Book Fair Preview days
  • Friday 23rd October - Book Character Parade
  • Monday 26th - Tuesday 27th October - Book Fair
Community Annoucements

Our new school app is now active.

Cabramatta Public School has signed up to a new platform to help improve communication between our school and the parent community.

SkoolBag will be used to send app notifications regarding important events and school announcements. As well as a reference point for key documentation.

We are excited to be using technology to help bring our community closer together. Please follow the download instructions below.

Recycling Unwanted Uniforms

If you have any uniforms in small sizes that you no longer need, could you please donate them and bring them to the front office, it will be greatly appreciated.

Uniform Availability

The following items are not available at the moment, sorry for the inconvenience, a message will go out as stock arrives. Limit of 2 per person until, while stocks are low.

Tracksuit Pants size 10 and size 12

Old Style Uniform On Sale

We have the following styles and sizes available in the old style uniform.

Boys Shorts for $8.00 Sizes - 6,8,10,12,14,16

Girls Skorts $10.00 Sizes - 4, 8,10, 12

New at the Uniform Shop

School Backpack $10

Library Bag $8

Uniform Shop is OPEN from

8.30am—2.00pm Everyday

The Uniform Shop is located in the front office.


Cash Only and No Refunds are given



We will no longer be collecting the money for any Scholastic Book Club orders at school. The catalogue's will still be sent home with your child. Then if you wish to order anything from the catalogue you will need to follow the steps below. Your order will then be delivered to the school and sent home with your child, as it has in the past.

Canteen News

Vegetarian Meal Now Available At The Canteen

  • boiled egg on toast
  • hash brown
  • cheese brevilles
  • yoghurt cup
  • fresh fruit cup
  • salad wrap
  • Greek salad box
  • wedges and salad
  • lettuce,cheese,tomato,cucumbers,beetroot carrot and egg salad box
  • garlic bread
  • vegemite/jam/honey sandwich
  • cheese sandwich
  • raisin bread
  • cereal bowl
  • red pasta (vegetarian)
  • noodle
  • nacho
  • corn cob/corn cup
  • zucchini slice
  • popcorn
  • sea salt chip/veg chip
  • vegetable l sticks and dip
  • pancake
  • custard

Mini Lunch Packs

Not sure what to order for lunch? Why not try one of our mini lunch packs.

Each pack comes with

  • Mini cupcake
  • Mini fruit cup
  • Mini chocolate or strawberry milk
  • Mini jelly cup

Your choice of either

  • Devil wing
  • 2 chicken wings
  • Dim sim
  • Wedges
  • Party pies

Each pack comes with a hot food option of your choice.

Each pack costs $6.00

Thank you, from the canteen staff.

Mini Lunch Packs

Community News

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