Social Labels at Thornton Academy Being Labeled a Theater Kid

Common Stereotypes and Perceptions of Theater Kids:

  • Expectations to be friendly with everyone, although theater kids remain closely knit with their fellow drama students.
  • They are usually extroverted, and thrive off the energy of others. However, this may be viewed as exaggerative.
  • Along with rehearsing for upcoming shows, theater kids tend to balance a challenging academic career.
  • Ordinary is the antithesis of theater kids; they are willing to take risks and share unorthodox ideas. Some may view their confident, adventurous nature as conceited.
  • Their love for artistic representation extends beyond theater, and may include dance, painting, drawing, or other visual arts.
  • With the pressure to execute a flawless performance in front of a crowd, theater kids can be perfectionists.
  • In order to memorize a script, theater kids require dedication and patience; these virtues may be perceived as intelligent.

How do Students at Thornton Academy view Theater Kids?

"They are teacher's pets, and they are generally in higher level classes and easy to talk to, like sociable. They are always hanging out in the auditorium."
"Talented and people have really high expectations for them, and they kind of seem like they're better than everyone else because of that high expectation."
"They're talented, they're creative, they work hard at what they do, and have a select group of friends."
"I feel like they're very outgoing and have good relationships with their teacher and peers. I feel like they do well academically, and that they're funny."
"They're pretty outgoing and talented, and they're expected to be the mood maker in situations."

How does being labeled a Theater Kid influence one's standing on the social ladder?

  • Although a few negative connotations are associated with theater kids, such as arrogance and being teacher's pets, their positive characteristics, like talent and intellect, surpass them.
  • Theater students are diligent and willing to put in the extra effort to achieve high grades, yet also know how to balance their social life.
  • While they remain closely knit fellow theater students, they are generally friendly with everyone.
  • They tend to be skilled in initiating and maintaining conversations. Their creative skills are useful when trying to make friends, while their is rarely the fear of awkward silence. This ease of sociability allows theater kids to climb up the social ladder.

A category that I would fit in: Honors/A.P. Students

  • In general, A.P./Honors Students are expected to be intelligent, dedicated, and curious.
  • They may be perceived as over-achievers, nerdy, inquiring, serious, and confident.
  • A.P./Honors Students are expected to achieve straight A's, or at the very least, a few B's, without much effort or struggle. However, this does not mean they don't worry about their grades.
  • Sometimes, A.P./Honors Students are considered introverts, as they are expected to view studying with a higher regard than socializing.

For the most part, I meet these expectations.

  • Since kindergarten, my primary focus in school was to learn, and I viewed socializing as daunting. I would spend my free time drawing and wandering around at recess, accompanied by my own thoughts.
  • From Chinese to history, I have always enjoyed gaining knowledge. However, I am usually too nervous to ask questions in class. Furthermore, I tend to doubt myself.
  • My dedication to school has prevented me in the past from making friends, and it wasn't until seventh grade that I became part of a real friend group.
  • I have always put pressure upon myself, and felt pressure from peers and family members, to excel academically.
  • My greatest source of anxiety stems from whether I have failed to meet the expectations of others, especially my teachers.
  • I feel pressured to remain studious, serious, and calm. Yet earning an A requires time and effort, and often comes with stress, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy.

Despite meeting the some of these expectations, being an A.P./Honors Student does not take into account other aspects of my personality.

  • I love to create art, whether it's drawing, printmaking, taking peculiar photos, or painting my nails - when I have the time.
  • I love animals, despite the fact that my black clothing will always be covered in cat fur.
  • Finally, I enjoy watching crime/detective and horror shows, especially Sherlock, Bates Motel, and Hannibal.

Labels look at the very surface of a person's complex personality. They fail to consider the layers beneath it that define individuality.

In order to gain a better understanding of someone, it is important to remember that what lies beneath the waterline of visibility is not seen at first glance, nor can a person be understood through labeling.

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