chemical reactions what types of chemical reactions are there?

Take notes on this video about the basic types of chemical reactions. Pause it when you need to copy things down!

Awesome! Hopefully you feel pretty good about those reactions, but there is one type of reaction that he forgot -- Incomplete Combustion!

He taught us that you can identify a Complete Combustion reaction when you see the products are CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H20 (water). Anytime you see those as your products, it's complete combustion!

Incomplete Combustion is when your products are CO (carbon monoxide) and H20 (water).

Make sure you put this in your notes (since it wasn't in the video!)

Create drawings in your notes (maybe like the ones below, maybe your own ideas) to help you remember the types of chemical reactions!

When you finish, go back to your balancing equations worksheet and classify each as a type of reaction!

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