Viking Religion

The early Vikings were pagans and believed in many Gods, Goddesses and spirits that cared for them in life and death as there religion was not organised.

Norse Mythology was a popular belief to follow in the Viking Period.

Norse Mythology

The most important Gods were Odin, Thor and the twins Frey and Freya while the most mysterious God was Loki, Half God, Half Devil.

Odin- The One Eyed

The First God Odin, God of war, courage, wisdom and poetry. The wisest and mightiest. Odin gave up one of his eyes for knowledge and once hanged himself for nine nights on an ash tree to gain the secret of wisdom. He has two messenger ravens and an eight legged gray horse named Slepnir.

Thor- God of Thunder

Thor was the God that resembled the Vikings themselves and symbolized everything that was good in a Viking warrior. Much more down to Earth than Odin. Thor was the most popular God and one of the greatest Gods in Viking mythology. He wielded a magic hammer called Mjollnir.

Loki- The Trickster God

Part God/ Part Devi; Loki could change his shape at will. This mischief- making God stirred up trouble with the Gods. Loki once bet his head to Brokk the blacksmith that he was a superior metal worker. While Brokk was putting weapons through the funrness, Loki turned into a fly and stung the man. The dwarf was not distracted winning the bet. Loki saved his neck by pointing out he did not wager his neck.

Frey and Freya (Twins)

God and Goddess of fertility, farming (Frey) and love and marriage (Freya). A very generous pair, the Vikings prayed to them in the Spring to bless their crops and in marriage to bless their union and grant them any attention. Freya welcomed women into the next world when they died.


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