Tattoos on the Heart Chapters: 1,3,9

Chapter 1: God, I guess

The first chapter, God, I guess, talks about how God is present in our lives, how he loves us, and how he works through many different people, events, or things. The chapter got its title from a homie who answered one of Mike Wallace's questions. The question was this: "Why do you think he (Father Greg) won't turn you over to the police?" The homie answered, "God... I guess." God is so much greater than what we understand Him to be. He loves us so much and will never stop loving us, even when we mess up. One of the stories I liked is the story of the man who dropped rose petals on Father Greg right after he had messed up the mass he had to say in Spanish. God was truely working through this man, letting Father Greg know that everything was okay and that He still loved him.

Chapter 3: Compassion

Chapter 3 is titled Compassion. What is compassion? While Father Greg was teaching a course at Folsom Prison, he asked his students the same question. His students were silent for a while, until one of them finally said, "Compassion is God." We're asked to be in the world who God is, and if we long to be in the world who God is, then, somehow our compassion has to find its way into the world with us. God loves everyone, and has compassion for everyone. We have to do the same. Compassion isn't about just feeling the pain of others; it's about bringing them in toward yourself. The story I liked the most in this chapter is the story of Betito. Betito was a funny, bright, and energetic kid, who everyone loved. One day he froze in an open fire shooting, and got shot. Betito had gotten a through and through wound, which he eventually died from. Father Greg was deeply affected because it was kids he loved killing a kid he loved. This story teaches us that we not only need to have compassion for the victim, but also for the victimizers too.

Chapter 9: kinship

Chapter 9 is about kinship. God presses us on to kinship; he wants us not to serve one another, but be one with one another. Father Greg felt this kinship when he announced that he had Lukemia. A lot of the homies showed empathy and related to him. One story I liked in chapter 9 is the story of Bandit's daughter going to collage. Bandiit was so happy for his daughter, and even though he had been to jail, he felt proud of himself and very proud of his daughter. Bandit asked for Father Greg's blessing for his daughter, and the whole family was there to support her; they were being one with her and they showed true kinship.


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