Cold Day, Locked Out By: AIyona Calvin

“Max put that down,” Jill demands, standing in the living room entrance, with her hand

at her hips, and a stern look on her face. Max slowly turns, setting the vase down on the glass table, but all of a sudden, setting it to close to the edge of the table they hear a CLASH. As the vase shatters into a thousand pieces. Just then Julie a 15 year old, trustworthy girl, who never gets in trouble, walks in with a smirk on her face. Max a rambunctious, 6 years old boy standing there with his hand against his head knowing that he is going to get in trouble, again. Jill gives Max a stern look, and and Max walks past with a quiet, faded “sorry” and excuses himself to his room. Jill picks up the vase and then slips it in the garbage. As she looks in the garbage she also sees the other vase he broke yesterday, and the 2 plates he broke 4 days ago while doing the dishes. Which he has been banned from, and the phone he broke last Saturday. After she cleaned up his mess, once again. When she is done, she grabs her bags for the cruise she is going on this weekend and gets Mike, their dad and then they leave.


This is Julie and Max

Later that night Max gets invited to Rockin´ Jump by Jack. Max would be back later that night around 11:00 pm. At 7:00, Julie has had enough of Max complaining about,

“Jack said I should come over at 7:00 pm!” “Get up Julie you're taking too long.” “OK Max! We can go after we pack your bag for Rockin’ Jump.” Julie says with an attitude. As they were packing his bag, she gets a phone call from her best friend Taylor. Taylor never calls, she always texts, so Julie knew something was up.

“Julie guess what!” Taylor says with enthusiasm. “Kelsea is throwing a huge party, the whole school is going to be there, and you have to come!”

“I don’t know Taylor.” Julie replies hesitant, knowing that she’s going to get pulled into Taylor’s “please trap.”

“Please Julie, you have to come.” Taylor begs.

“Ok but I need to be back by 11:00,” she says with an attitude.

“Whatever. I hear you.” Julie drops Max off and returns home, and a few minutes later Taylor pulls up in her 2007 silver Honda, blasting the music as loud as thunder roaring at night. She grabs her phone and Julie is out the door. Instantly Julie thinks all is well, not knowing that she left the keys sitting on the side table.

As Julie is at the party time slips right out of her mind and before she knew it, it’s 11:00 at night. Back at home Max is at the house, and his friends had drove off. Max walks up to the door and it’s as cold as an ice cube taken right out of the freezer. He turns the knob, but it’s stuck. Then he shakes the door. Nothing. He starts to panic. Max is stranded at his house, nobody near him, no cellphone, no nothing. 10 minutes later Julie runs up to Max sitting on the porch step, shivering. She shoves her hand into her pocket, praying there is going to be keys laying in the bottom of her pocket. She went through every pocket, her pants, her jacket, even in her boots but it isn’t their. Julie goes to dial the police, but her phone is dead.

A few minutes later Julie decides she is going to go look around to see if there's any windows open.

A window that is open in their house.

As she looks around, she finds a window! Sadly the window is on the third floor of their house, and the only way of getting to it was by climbing up onto the porch and holding on by a one inch window ledge to pull herself up to the window. But Julie finally has hope and confidence that they will soon be in their toasty warm house.

Julie runs up to the porch to share the good news with Max.

“Max, I found an open window!”

He jumps up with joy and says.

“Well go open it!”

Julie goes from a huge smile, to a disappointing smile.

This is a picture of Julie and Max's house.

“That’s the problem, the window is on the third floor.” Max still has a huge smile on his face and says, “There’s still a chance.” As he follows her to the window, Max gives her a boost and steps back. She gets an inch away, and with one wrong slip of her foot, she goes toppling down onto the ground trying to land on her feet, but slips and rolls her ankle. Max runs over and looks at Julie’s ankle, it’s as purple as a plum. As Julie looks up at Max, he sees a tear streaming down her face, right before reaching her chin it freezes. Julie knew that deep down she shouldn’t have gone to the party, but she was always called boring. She was sick of it, and she wanted to have fun for once. Julie felt another tear falling down her face, and then another, and then another. Soon she was bawling her eyes out, and she knew that for the first time in her life, her mom and dad would be disappointed in her for breaking their trust.

Julie and Max walk back to the porch and sit there trying to stay warm. Max soon looks over and sees stuff falling from the sky. He gets up and runs over to the bottom of the porch steps. Max then looks up, seeing a drip of rain falling from the dark gray mysterious cloud in the sky. Max is so thirsty he opens his mouth, leans his head towards the sky and tastes one drop at a time slowly dropping into his mouth. Max, happy that it's raining, soon loses hope because the rain stops. After the rain stops, Max turns his head down, drags his feet through the muddy wet grass and drops next to his sister. In just a minute Julie sees a bright light shine into her dark brown eyes and before she knew it, her parents are running up to her and her brother grabbing them and drying them off and explaining that their cruise got cancelled.

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Her mom and dad were disappointed in her, like she thought. They were happy to see her safe. With that said, Julie got punished for a month, and learned her lesson to not take risks.

This is what the family looks like and where they live.

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