chinese Culture by imogen


China is a country on the eastern side of the world.


The east and south made up of fertile lowlands. The west and north are made up of basins, highlands and plains.

Weather varies from tropic to subartic.



Cheongsam- tightly fitted, straight collar, slits and buttons

Changshan- equivalent of cheongsam but for men, coat or shirt

Kimono- piece of traditional clothing, wrapped around the bodies (sometimes many layers), secured by a belt

Natural disasters

China Floods -1931 - 3/4 million deaths

Yellow River Flood- 1887- 0.9/2 million deaths

Shaanxi Earthquake - 1556- 0.83 million deaths

These 3 are in the top 10 deadliest natural disasters in the world, china also regularly has many disasters including floods, draughts, wildfires, and forestry.

traditional Food

China has many traditional foods and a certain style called chinese. Some traditional dishes in China are; sweet and sour pork, gong bao chicken, stir fry, wontons, dumplings, and springrolls.

chinese goverment

China is a republic so it is run by many branches of the community.


MAIN LANGUAGE: Mandarin Chinese

MAIN FOREIGN LANGUAGE: English and Portuguese

REGIONAL LANGUAGES: Shanghainese, Gan, Foochow,Hakka, etc.


Confucianism - is a religion of optimistic humanism but is also a philosophy- indigenous but not a national religion

Christianity- 33 million followers

Buddhism- 185 followers

Taosism- 12 million followers, but more than a 100 million have taken part in Taosism activities


There are 7 main legal holidays in China;

New Years Day- Jan. 1- celebrates the turn of the traditional Chinese calendar

Chinese New Year- depends but falls between Jan. 21- Feb. 20- celebrates the start of the new year

Qingming- Apr. 4/5- is a day for paying respect for the dead bur also is closely related to agriculture


May Day- May 1- celebrates start of the spring plus workers

Dragon Boat-Sunday, starts May 28 and ends on May 30- celebrates the life and death of the Chinese scholar Qu Yuan

Mid Autumn Day- Aug. 15- gets its name from when it is celebrated and it is when the moon is the roundest and brightest

National day- Oct. 1


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