SV 104A Noise Dosimeter First noise dosimeter with a life-time warranty for the MEMS microphone

The dosimeter has been designed to meet requirements of the ANSI S1.25 and IEC 61252 standards for noise dosimeters and the IEC 61672 standard for class 2 sound level meters suitable for noise exposure measurements in accordance with following standards: ISO 9612, OSHA, MSHA and ACGIH.

The story of SV104 noise dosimeter

Application Note

SV 104A - Overview

Assistant Application

SV 104A Bluetooth® interface enables current results to be previewed on a smartphone or tablet using our ASSISTANT APPLICATION. The smart-phone application also signals an alarm when the set noise limits are exceeded.

Supervisor Software

Supervisor software supports data download, instrument configuration and provides complete set of tools for determination of occupational noise exposure from noise level measurements in accordance to all standards using TWA and DOSE such as OSHA, ACGIH, MSHA, NHO-01 or NR-15. The data files from the SV 104A can be used for calculation of all required measurement results and uncertainties in accordance to the three measurement strategies described in ISO 9612.

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Methods of validation of occupational noise exposure measurement with multi aspect personal sound exposure meter

Read the technical paper and find out how to achieve a better estimation of the actual occupational noise exposure newer generation of "smart" dosimeters.

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