Poetry Collection by: Mikayla bozarth block: 7

Scarlet Tears

© Coran Darling

Fires ablaze within my eyes,

A smile concealing all my lies,

Screaming, begging, calling out,

A final, frantic, desperate, shout.

Scarlet tears drip from each vein,

A vehement covet to end this pain,

This silver blade, stays by my side,

Because all hope inside has died.

As each day ends, and darkness draws,

The devil toys, with all my flaws,

I'm helpless, alone, a worthless mess,

A broken child, he must address.

I'm tempted when he calls my name,

A way out, an escape, an end to shame,

To make it feel a lot less real,

A deal with the Devil, in blood must I seal.

They'll say I died of suicide,

But no one knows how much they've lied,

It wasn't a rope, a blade, or pills,

That broke my soul, and gave me chills.

I died inside so long before,

To live each day, an endless chore,

Pills could not kill what was already dead,

A twisted soul, an empty head.

In darkness I wait, in silence, alone,

Rose-tinted nostalgia, all around me has grown,

I beckon the devil, with the key of self-harm,

And I open the door for him, with the blood of my arm.

There was a time in my life where it seemed as if life, or God was playing a cruel game with me: my parents split up again, I gained an eating disorder which almost killed me, I broke up with a partner I had been with for a long time; and it began to make me feel pretty worthless; depression crept in and it soon lead to self harm. Some scars of my past just won't go away and I regret them every day. This poem is about how I felt at that time, and also to let teens know they are never alone.

Hyperbole: I have two examples of hyperbole, the first one is when it says a fire ablaze within my eyes. A fire has not actually started in someones eyes don't worry, what this person is actually saying is that their eyes burn from how much they have cried. The second example of hyperbole is when is says that all hope is lost. Everyone let me just say that there is always hope if you stay strong there has to be hope within you somewhere there is hope within everything. Stay strong beautiful :)

A girl crying

A Shadow From Before

© Sylvia Stults

Standing on the ocean shore

Waves rushing through my toes

Images run across my mind

From the days of long ago

A time when ships were massive

Cutting paths from port to port

Meeting people of different origins

Happy tidings to report

Yet in each and every country

And unbeknownst to them

A plague would soon pay visit

For lack of sanitation

Garbage soon drew rodents

With fleas that carried disease

Thousands started dying

Black Death had breached the seas

Fear then consumed me

In my environment did I see

A replay conjured from the past

A beach of scattered debris

Haven't we learned our lesson

And with this I must implore

Please open up your eyes and see

It's a shadow from before

Many plagues and pandemics ran rampant during our forefathers' time. Poor sanitary environmental conditions were later found to be the culprit. Truly a lesson to be learned...

Personification: I have two examples of personification, the first one being where images rushed through her mind. This is not saying actual images ran through her mind, she is saying that she was thinking and picturing the way things used to be. My second example of personification is when it says a plague would soon pay a visit. Now plagues don't actually pay visits to people this is saying that a disease was spreading to people all around.

Shadows of the people before them.


Andrea Y. Gallego

Crushed like ice

Like twenty tons have been thrown on my soul

You spoke those words that emitted through your vocal cords like venom

A snake you were

Looking through my eyes into my core

So delicately

You devised your plan to kill everything inside me

Skillfully you weaved your web, planted your trap

And with your love decoy blindfolded my logic

All that was open was my trust

Your weapon

You deceived, I believed

Your arms were so warm,

Now the only warmth I feel

Is that of my blood

Spilling from my soul

As my life swings carelessly

Like a pendulum

Back and forth

Higher and higher

But going nowhere

The five senses have gone numb

I scream louder and louder

But no one hears me

They speak, they call out to help

I cannot hear

Look at me, look at the nothingness you have brought onto me

The well hath run dry

As she lay

Crippled from love's fangs

Until nothing remains

But her backbone

He hath eternally forsaken her

Her life has become

Life's lesson to women

Better to have loved

Than never at all

Is it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all? That is the subject of this poem. A woman gives her trust and it is thrown away like garbage.

Simile: my personification is when the narrator is comparing the way this person talked, to venom.

Hyperbole: the hyperbole is when the narrator says that its like 20 tons were thrown at their soul. This is just saying that it hurt them really badly.


Stress, the reoccurring Nightmare

By: Mikayla Bozarth Block: 7

The stress is dragging on me,

like im pulling an anchor that's tied around my throat.

Yet everyone fails to see,

i am living in a dreadful nightmare,

and im already knee deep

i hide it with fake smiles and laughs that dont mean a thing

but behind closed doors i begin to weep.

I attempt to do everything so people will be proud

but i am attempting way to much, so all i can do

is watch my opportunities fall to the ground.

Stress is like a reoccurring nightmare.

Even when you think its gone,

it will still always be there.

Simile: "Stress is like a reoccurring nightmare" comparing stress to a nightmare that just keeps on coming back. Basically what this is saying that stress is something that never really goes away.

Simile: "The stress is dragging on me like an anchor that's tied to my throat" comparing stress to an anchor, meaning that stress brings a lot of weight into a persons life, a lot of unwanted weight that weighs that person down. The part of it being tied to my throat is showing how much of a struggle stress is to deal with.

Represents a persons life being tied in a knot


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