How to survive theWW1 Trenches: The basic tools Sarah Taylor (Haque)

(WW1 Gas Mask)

Gas Mask: The gas mask was a very basic in the beginning. The masks were made by dipping them in an anti-gas formula. If the poison never affect you, your likelihood for survival will increase. This would prove helpful since both sides often used gas as a weapon (The History).

(M1903 Springfield)

M1903 Springfield: This gun was used occasionally in many wars since it was easy to use. It was mostly only used in WW1 and later replaced with a faster firing gun. In the war this would be your only weapon and your only hope for making it to the other side ("M1903 Springfield").


Arm Issued Diary: Not only would this be help to keep from insanity, but the diary has advice for the solider. This includes how to speak in different languages, parts of weapons, and a calendar. Most importantly, there is a large section that is basically a soldier's how-to guide (Caspian).

(An entrenching)

Entrenching Tool: This was used by soldiers to dig trenches to make cover while they were out on the open fields. You had no other hiding places so you had to make one. The entrenching tool was a shovel to help you do just that. If you could make a trench then you could avoid bullets and shrapnel ("10 Things").

(Completed US Army)

Medical Kit: This kit would allow the wounded a sliver of hope. If a soldier were to become wounded or ill the medical kit would cover the basics. The chances of a soldier getting wounded was pretty high so this would at least improve the chances of a soldier making it to a hospital ("10 Things").

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