The Benefits of Postoperative Physical Therapy Taylor DUnlap

Each year, 108 million Americans experience a musculoskeletal injury that could be benefited by the use of physical therapy; however, only 9 million people receive the treatment they need (Klepps).

Physical therapy flexibility exercises eliminate muscular stress and tension in both daily activities and physical activity through sports, reducing the risk of additional injury by creating a wider range of motion with more limber muscles in the patient (“Physical Therapy Enhances Flexibility”).

After undergoing an intense procedure, the muscles around the surgical area can be weakened and in need of rebuilding. Strengthening conditioning builds off of the increased range of motion to create the proper alignment to restore optimal body kinetics
Patients often refrain from physical therapy for the fear of the cost. They worry it will be too expensive after surgery or their insurance company will not cover the treatment.
In reality, physical therapy is affordable both when covered by insurance and not covered. Therapists often work with the patients to develop a payment plan that fits the individual's economic status while still providing the necessary treatment.
Treatments from heat and cold therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound work to limit the short term pain encountered to provide a more comfortable physical therapy experience (“5 Ways Physical Therapy Helps you Recover”).
Overall, postoperative physical therapy builds strength, flexibility, and range of motion at a low cost with little pain to enhance the patient's quality of life.

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